Ideas about the "Song of Election"

Kim Hui Song, Faculty of Law, Kim Il Sung University

The great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung said as follows.

"Ours are the most democratic and progressive elections which enable all the working people including the workers and peasants to take part in the work of the organs of their state power with equal rights as true masters of the country." (Kim Il Sung Works, Vol XXI, pp 373-374)

On March 10th, Juche108 (2019), the 14th round of election for the deputies to the Supreme People's Assembly was held in our country.

Our people recall the very day when the first democratic election was held over seventy years ago whenever they are supposed to vote.

Our people, who were even unaware of the word of election, were so appreciative of what allowed them to elect people's delegates on their own hands that they proposed the sagacious General Kim Il Sung as a candidate in their own electoral districts respectively.

When the fatherly leader visited Samdung-myon (the then sub-county) in Kangdong County to meet electors, local people beseeched him to enter the election hall by stepping on cotton cloth associated with their devotion but he refused the request and walked along the rugged path with them. The fatherly leader refused people's simple request, but through it, our people felt how great the General Kim Il Sung, the sun of the nation, was and what kind of political power they were establishing.

Since then, elections have been not only holidays but also pleasure for our people.

Many elections took place along with the history of our republic but our people would celebrate those days in special colour every time. It is because the day of election is the day when our people have great sense of dignity and self-confidence that they exercise their right as power's masters proudly and refresh their faith and will to firmly consolidate their favourite people's power further as firm as a rock.

Therefore, singing and dancing parties were always available in polling stations where you elect deputies of all levels of power organ including the Supreme People's Assembly, genuine representatives in our country.

Since country's liberation from Japanese colonial rule, elections have begun by singing and dancing and have been continuing as a history of celebration in which the song of election, not found elsewhere, is heard boundlessly in our country. From the first democratic election up until now, our people made it a rule to sing and dance throughout the whole country with the delight of exercising the right to become country's masters whenever elections take place. For that reason, when our people speak of an election, they think about songs and dances first on a customary basis.

It is said that reflecting democracy means election but the capitalist election is filled with political intrigues and blames about rivals. In contrast, elections in our country are happy events which consolidate a harmonious whole formed between the leader and people further and fortify its sovereignty as firm as a rock. As a result, in our country, the "Song of Election", which eloquently indicates great difference between socialism and capitalism like the difference between the sky and the earth, resounded over the world in any elections.

The "Song of Election", which makes people hilarious, has been updated for three times in our country before it is heard in electoral sites.

The first "Song of Election"was sung at the 3rd election of deputies to the Supreme People's Assembly in Juche51(1962), reflecting the mettle of our people who demonstrated the spirit of heroic Korea by defeating US imperialists in the flame of war, accomplished the socialist revolution in a short period of over a decade and rode like strong wind riding Chollima(a horse galloping 400km horse at a time) in the legend. Voters entering the election sites, singing a song "Upholding Chollima wings and flying high up in the sky"were full of victors' pride. In that election, 100 percent of electors took part and 100% voted for the candidates, which was a noteworthy miracle never existed in the history of world election. Since then, in all elections taken place in our country, the word "100% voted for all candidates" has been used in common. Anybody who neither knows the essence of our policy nor the character of our political power cannot understand the meaning of "approval ballot of 100%".

In February Juche71(1982), the 7th election of deputies to the Supreme People's Assembly was held in our country. This election took place amidst the fierce offensive to occupy the 10 major goals of socialist economic construction after the successful 6th Congress of the Workers' Party of Korea, in which the issue of succession of the revolutionary cause of the leader was brilliantly solved. At that meaningful point, another "Song of Election" reflecting the happiness of our people came into being in the world.

In Juche87(1998) in which the 10th election for the deputies to the Supreme People's Assembly was held, our people and army defeated the maneuvers of the imperialists and enemies of all shades under the wise leadership of the great General who uplifted the banner of Songun(military priority) and won great victory in the efforts to safeguard socialism, And they were progressing with confidence in building a powerful socialist nation. That year, another"Song of Election"reflecting that impressive reality was updated to shake the whole country. In the melody of "glory to people's country for ever and ever" our people keenly sensed in their hearts what it was like to glorify the country of the people with the great leaders in high esteem all over the world.

That year, the first artificial satellite "Kwangmyongsong-1" was successfully launched and Kim Il Sung Constitution, which was particularly noteworthy in the history of the establishment of constitution, was adopted in our country.

Even the birthdates of each"Song of Election"are different, but what is included in words and melody of each song is sincere emotion of ardent love of people for the true popular government and the belief in the eternal victory and glory on the way of consolidating our sovereignty as firm as a rock.

It is inconceivable for them to imagine any auspicious electoral atmosphere in the capitalist countries where elections serve to deceive people and become the battlefield for power on the part of the privileged classes.

Such a landscape of elections characterized by songs and dances in the day of election is the true feature of our election system which indicates its advantage. Capitalism can never have nor imitate it.

The "Song of Election" will be invariably and loudly heard in polling stations of our country in the future, boundlessly glorifying the unique idea of the people's government construction and immortal achievement of the Great leaders and demonstrating the might of our republic's power in which the whole people are united firmly as one mind and one will around the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un.