Kim Hyok Il, Faculty of Finance, Kim Il Sung University

Here is an old myth about the love.

One day, the god summoned an angel and asked her to bring him threemost beautiful things on the earth. The things chosen by the angel are a beautiful flower, a child's laughter and mother's love.But, on the way to the heaven a beautiful flower withered and a child's laughter faded away, whereas only mother's love kept its eternal beauty.The god took mother's love as the most beautiful thing on the earth.

Mother gives you birth. In the old times Koreans call their mothers ‘Omi' or ‘Ami', both of which refer to the biggest thing. When they emphasize something great they add the element (similar to prefix) ‘erm', for example, ‘Omjisongarak'(thumb), ‘Omibalgarak'(big toe), ‘Omji'(adult animal), ‘Omi' (fang) to name a few.

When the founder of Koguryo, King Tongmyong was travelling to JolbonBuyo, fish and turtles built a bridge so that King Tongmyong could cross the river. In "Chronicles of the Three Kingdoms " the river was named ‘Ermsu' which means ‘mother river'. "Tangunwanggom''(King Tangun) was a big figure and in Korean "Kom" is equivalent to "Om".

In this way, from the olden times motherswho embodypure and warm love have been referred to as a savior of the destiny and the biggest and greatest being.

Nowthe people of country call our Party a mother.This reflects their admiration for benevolent all-embracing politics of the Workers' Party of Korea who guarantees our destiny and future and protects us from all troubles.

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Unsaid:

"The politics of our Party administered by General Kim Jong Il is benevolent and all-embracing politics.

Benevolent all-embracing politics is politics of love and trust, which approaches the people without discrimination and embraces them as mothers would do their children; it is also politics of revolutionary unity, which rallies them around the Party as one."

The politics of love for the people can only be accomplished by a great man who loves people.The great General regarded his pain devoted for the people as his luck and made the all-embracing and benevolent politics run through all the activities of the Party.So, his revolutionary lifewas mirrored in his sacred outlook on the people. People remember those nights spent by our Party to design the bright future of our fatherland and those days when the Party embraced all the people in its breast and took care of them with its heart. During this period our Party developed into the great motherly party in our people's memory.During the unprecedentedly difficult "Arduous March" or "Forced March" the great motherly party invariablydefended people's destiny,embraced them in its heart and gave them priceless prestige andhonor of a powerful state.

The warm feeling,personality and every footstep of patriotic devotion of the great General are thoroughly implemented in the Party's politics of love for the people and the desire for building a powerfulstate is translated into reality by the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who is succeeding to the ideology and leadership of the great General.All of the sons and daughters of this country trust our Party as a mother,tell their secrets which they cannot tell their own parents to our Party and completely rely their destiny and future on it. They exclaim with sincerity--the Party is their mother and the Party's love is precisely their mother's love.