Poem "The Echo of Green Forest"

Cha Myong Chol, Faculty of Korean Language and Literature, Kim Il Sung University

My father

He was walking in the forest

Even on the day I was born

Hearing the refreshing sound of the woods

As if that sound was my birth cry

My father

He planted trees and took care of them

When I was idling my childhood

He carried on his back were saplings

Not me, his own son

To my father,

Green forest was like his own flesh

On the holiday, when he planted trees with me

He would stroke those trees

As he would pat me on my head

As those trees grew,

We grew up, striking our roots deep into the fatherland

Time flies like an arrow

I became the master of that forest,

And the trees, planted on my birthday,

Are now giant trees

But still my father is a volunteer-inspector of the forest

When kindergarten kids enjoy the wild fruit

Licking their cherry-red lips

When they cling to my father's sleeve

My father is so overjoyed

That he keeps patting their heads

To me

The green luster of the young trees,

Which are planted day by day,

Is the extension of my father's youth.

The sound of the green forest

Is the echo of my father's priceless life

Though the flow of years may bring wrinkles,

Newly born green forests of the hometown

Remains everlasting trace of the life

The true master of the green forest says with his heart

"Grow a golden mountain with all the juice of your life!

Then you will live forever in the memory of the descendants."