A story carried by greenwood

An Chol Gwon, Faculty of Korean Language and Literature, Kim Il Sung University

Munsu Hill, on which spring is felt everywhere!

On this thickly-wooded hill, big and small twigs are coming into leaf in a gentle breeze.

Whenever spring sets in on Munsu Hill, I cannot help looking back upon that unforgettable day in spring about 70 years ago.

On a spring day of the following year after Korea's liberation, President Kim Il Sung personally left historic traces of significance on this hill with a grand intention of making all the mountains of the motherland thickly-wooded with trees.

Even though he was very busy leading the building of a new country, he walked up the hill and planted trees, putting his all affection for the beloved fatherland on them. How ennobling his patriotic world is!

Those armful thick trees now are deeply permeated with his fervent patriotic world.

On that historic day President Kim Il Sung told the officials: we should never regard planting trees simply as a ceremony, but as a worthwhile nature-remaking project aimed at liquidating the consequences of the vicious colonial rule and turning Pyongyang into a city covered with green foliage.

He planted a young tree with great care, cleaned up the surroundings and only then he straightened himself.

At that time, one of the officials offered him some drinking water and suggested resting for a while.

However, he said: what about having a rest after planting a few more trees? When can we turn all the mountains of the country into thickly-wooded ones if we plant trees like this? We should continue to plant more trees. He poured the water the official gave him onto the tree he had just planted and hurried up with his work.

During the rest time, he said that if broad sections of the popular masses turn out as one to plant trees in the mountains on a steady basis for about 10 years, the deforested mountains would disappear and firm foundations for making all the mountains thickly-wooded with trees would be laid.

He continued to say that taking good care of the forests or not is a criterion which decides if you have patriotism or not and anyone who really loves the motherland and desires for the building of a new thriving country should value and love even a tree and make efforts to conserve the forests well.

Munsu Hill is not the only one that carries such impressive story?

The immortal traces of President Kim Il Sung, who devoted his all to turning all the mountains of the country into luxuriant ones, are embroidered on Moran Hill, and the high and deep mountain ranges of the Kuji valley in Unha-ri, Yangdok County and on those of Changsong County.

He also took measures to send thousands of soldiers at a time from the battle fields to be forest rangers when the fatherland liberation war was still at its height.

To him, every tree constituted precious wealth guaranteeing the prosperity of the motherland. So at every unit and every place he visited, he earnestly said that everyone should value and love even a tree and a blade of grass of the motherland.

We cannot look casually at any tree on this land as they all carry the ennobling will of President Kim Il Sung who made devoted efforts to transforming our motherland into a socialist paradise where the happiness of the people is brought into full bloom.

That is not all.

All the mountains and fields are also filled with the patriotic desire of Chairman Kim Jong Il, who loved the motherland treasuring every tree and every blade of grass on this land.

That is why the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un declared the forest restoration campaign as a kind of war in order to materialize the fervent patriotic desire of the great leaders, saying that it is the steadfast decision and will of the Party to turn all the mountains of the country into thickly-wooded treasure mountains and golden mountains

The land of our motherland is growing ever-thickly with trees in the strong wind of the forest restoration campaign aimed at turning the mountains into beautiful and useful golden mountains and treasure mountains.

Therefore, everyone envisages the tomorrow of this land which will be transformed into a more wonderful paradise for the people and says that; as we have the respected General Secretary, who is brilliantly materializing the noble wishes of the great leaders, our beautiful socialist land will continue to shine as the golden tapestry thickly-wooded with trees in the era of the Workers' Party of Korea.