Essay "Thank you"

Paek In Guk, Faculty of Economics, Kim Il Sung University

Whenever I see the mountains and fields and any part of this land, they remind me the smiling face of Chairman Kim Jong Il so I can't help missing him.

What a brilliant exploit he performed in the history of the country.

The most beautiful flower or the most flowery words wouldn't be enough to praise his exploits. Today we represent the ardent feelings of all the staff and students of Kim Il Sung University on this Ryongnam Hill longing for the Chairman by simply saying "Thank you".

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un said:

"Etched on the hearts of our people, including the teaching staff and students of the university, is the august image of the great General, who unfolded the plan of building it into one of the most prestigious universities in the world and, despite the mental and physical fatigue he accumulated on the road of the Songun revolution, put his heart and soul into creating world-class educational conditions and a world-class environment for the university."

Kim Il Sung University, the highest institute of Juche-oriented educational science, displaying its magnificent appearance as the university of the leader and the Party!

There is an autographic proposition of the Chairman in the central hall of the e-library of the university.

"Keep your feet firmly planted on this land and look out over the world!

Be reliable supporters of the Songun revolution possessed of a lofty spirit and rich knowledge!

Redouble your efforts to get the great Party and Kim Il Sung's Korea admired by the world!

Dec. 17th. 2009

Kim Jong Il"

We take his autographic proposition letter by letter in our hearts.

Then we look back those days when the Chairman devoted himself to the development of Kim Il Sung University.

How many days and nights the Chairman, who made a firm pledge to add glory to Korea, standing on the ridge of Ryongnam Hill, devoted himself to the development of the university.

The Chairman worked heart and soul for Kim Il Sung University in the last period of his life as if he could give more although he devoted everything to make sure that it can contribute to the development of the country. There includes e-library, the service center of ultramodern educational and scientific information.

And there are still more.

After the report on the repair of the outdoor swimming pool of Kim Il Sung University during his field guidance, the Chairman instructed the builders to build a modern swimming pool on a large scale, not to repair it.

What the best swimming pool we have with modern facilities and various amenities for international games as well as adequate physical training and cultural recreation for teaching staff and students.

Despite his busy days, he visited the university three times in 2009 only. On his third visit in December, the great General warmly said that he felt happy when he saw the bright and cheerful smiles on the faces of the younger generation, the future of our country and that's what the revolutionaries live for.

There are many famous universities which boasts of their long history and traditions in the world, but there is no such university as Kim Il Sung University which has been developed under the warm care of the peerless leaders.

Saying that we spare nothing for the lecturers and researchers of Kim Il Sung University, the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un devoted himself to provide the educators of the university with nice dwellings at that time when the hostile forces were more blatant than ever before.

Kim Il Sung University will bring forward the day of final victory of the Juche revolution when it dynamically advances competing with the world full of confidence and vitality as the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un said, and as long as he is leading them.

The lecturers and researchers of Kim Il Sung University are blessed educators and happy scientists who live in such a world of love and gratitude.

That's true.

"Thank you" it is not just the thanks for the love, not the expression of courtesy of the love, but a synonym of return, of practice, of loyalty, and a strong echo of faith and pledge that inspires the hearts of our teaching staff and students.

They can't be called educators of Kim Il Sung University if they don't carry into practice, as they have been grown up under the care of the great leader and the great teacher.

The educators of Ryongnam Hill will keep their pledge with good results of reward and practice.