Random Thought "Epidemic Prevention Battlefield Brims With Warm Love Between The Army And The People"

Kim Nam Ung, Faculty of Economics, Kim Il Sung University

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un said:

"All the officers and men of the army, bearing in mind that the People's Army cannot exist even for a moment separated from the people, must boundlessly respect and love them, and constantly sustain the fine traits of a revolutionary army whose soldiers will defy death if it is for the sake of the people."

The respected General Secretary convened another consultative meeting of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea on May 15, Juche 111 (2022) and issued a special order of the WPK Central Military Commission to immediately stabilize the supply of medicines in Pyongyang by dispatching strong forces of military medical sector of the Korean People's Army.

The army officials of the military medical sector were given red certificates marked with the sacred emblem of our Party. They kept them as special credentials and immediately deployed in hundreds of pharmacies in Pyongyang. From that moment, they started a tense campaign for supplying medicines in every anti-epidemic battlefield. At the same time, they devoted themselves to the treatment of the people with little time to have a meal or have a rest, thus making an epic of loving care for the people.

When an old man in Phyongchon District got ill with fever, it was an army doctor who came first and waged a campaign for treatment without sleeping a wink overnight.

When the patient's family and neighbours bowed to him, he seemed shy and said that soldiers of the People's Army were sons and daughters of the people, and it was quite natural for him to do his best when his parents were ill.

The people around him were greatly impressed with his words, which brimmed with warm affection for the people.

In a village in Kangdong County, two military doctors suddenly fell ill while fighting a tense battle for supplying and treating the inhabitants.

When the medical workers of the clinic brought them some medicines, they tried Koryo treatment on their own, saying that they couldn't touch even one tablet supplied to the people.

On hearing the news, the villagers rushed with the medicines they had been supplied, but the soldiers refused the offer.

They said that they had been ordered to supply the people with medicine promptly and accurately, but had not been allowed to dispose of any medicine which should be taken by the people. They also said that if their parents and brothers got over the disease, that would be the best medicine for them.

Now in the period of trials the Korean people realize more keenly how much soldiers of the People's Army love them through their actual experience, not from the passage of the song.

At the present moment, too, our people are admiring special detachment members of the Party Central Committee for their death-defying devotion to the anti-epidemic campaign in the capital city in defence of the people's well-being.

The army officials in the military medical sector of the Korean People
The army officials in the military medical sector of the Korean People
Photo. The army officials in the military medical sector of the Korean People's Army defending the wellbeing of the people

We will surely hasten the final victory of the emergency epidemic prevention war by dint of the great unity of the army and people who have rallied close around the Party Central Committee as the whole country brims with warm love between the army and people who take care of each other even in trials and hardships.