The brilliant tradition of self-development established during the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle


The history of the Korean revolution has been pioneered and won by dint of self-development.

The tradition of self-development fully displayed in the historical course of our revolution was established in the early days of the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle.

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un said:

"The tradition of self-development was established in the early days of the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle."

President Kim Il Sung set self-reliance as the fundamental principle for the victory of the revolution and construction from the first day when he embarked on the road of revolution with the firm faith that self-reliance is independence and Juche and created and successfully embodied the revolutionary spirit of self-reliance in the days of the anti-Japanese struggle.

The whole course of the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle was the process of training the revolutionary spirit of self-reliance and self-development into the eternal soul of the nation that the sovereignty of the country and nation can be preserved and won only by the Juche-oriented efforts and indomitable struggle of the nation.

The anti-Japanese armed struggle was an unprecedented arduous and bloody revolutionary struggle in history as it was the anti-imperialist national liberation struggle for smashing the Japanese imperialists armed to their claws and achieving the sovereignty of the nation and the liberation of the country.

The Japanese imperialists, who dreamed of dominating Asia, were a "powerful country" with millions of troops armed with modern weapons and combat equipment and strong economic potentials.

In a word, it was imperialism and the aggressor armed with claws, who had been engaged in the work of expansion against our people.

It was by no means easy for our people to fight against such a powerful enemy.

Moreover, since the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle was waged in the absence of a state rear and no external support, all problems had to be solved by their own efforts.

However, there was no established theory or experience of struggle to be considered, and the lines of struggle and methods of struggle had to be established in keeping with their actual conditions.

The road to be followed by the Korean revolution was the one of self-reliance.

In the first days of embarking on the road of revolution, the President comprehensively analyzed the experience and lessons left by the nationalist movement and the early communist movement of the country. He was convinced that the revolution in his country should be carried out by relying on the strength of his people in a responsible manner.

At the historic Kalun Meeting in June Juche 19(1930), the President clarified the truth of independence that in order to lead the revolution to victory, all the problems arising in the revolutionary struggle should be solved independently and creatively in accordance with their actual conditions and, in order to do so, it is necessary to believe in the strength of its people and organize and mobilize them to carry out the Korean revolution by the efforts of the Korean people and in conformity with the actual conditions of our country.

The spirit of independence that the masters of the revolution in one's own country are themselves and that one should shape one's destiny and carry out the revolution by one's own efforts has victoriously advanced the Korean revolution despite any trials and difficulties.

In the early days of the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle, the President established a brilliant tradition of self-development through the struggle to solve weapons by himself.

Presenting the task of organizing the Anti-Japanese People's Guerrilla Army at the Mingyuegou Meeting in December Juche 20(1931), the great leader said that we have no means to fetch weapons from anywhere and there is no one to give weapons to us, and that the only way to acquire arms by our own efforts is to deprive the enemy of weapons and arm ourselves by our own efforts.

The anti-Japanese guerrillas, possessed of the revolutionary spirit of self-reliance, armed themselves with weapons and ammunition from the enemy everywhere under the slogan "Weapons are our lifeblood! Respond to armed force with armed force!"

President Kim Il Sung saw to it that the weapons of the enemy were taken away from them to arm themselves and that weapons short of them were manufactured by themselves.

In the early days of the anti-Japanese armed struggle, some of the people who were obsessed with dependence on others sent letters demanding the sending of small hand-grenades to the people of a foreign country, saying that there should be hand grenades in order to fight the Japanese imperialists.

But the people in that country did not send any reply.

At that time, the President decided to smash the Japanese imperialists by making a small bullet by himself and made sure that the anti-Japanese guerrillas and the people in the bases built the arsenal by relying on their own strength and self-reliance.

At the arsenals built in the guerrilla bases, the guerrillas made a small bullet which they thought could be produced in modern munitions factories and even the gunpowder needed for them, not to mention weapons and bullets.

This was a miracle of the indomitable self-development of the Korean communists who cherished the firm faith that self-reliance alone can bring about sure victory.

The President saw to it that the production of food, clothing and medical equipment were conducted in the guerrilla zone by displaying the revolutionary spirit of self-reliance.

The anti-Japanese war, a long-standing confrontation with the Japanese imperialists equipped with modern equipment, required the guerrillas and people to settle everything necessary for military activities and life by their own efforts.

Only when the revolutionary principle of self-reliance was adhered to, could it be possible to overcome the difficulties and obstacles arising in any difficult and complicated condition, successfully meet the material demands needed and steadily expand and develop the anti-Japanese armed struggle.

The anti-Japanese guerrillas solved the food problem by themselves.

They set a goal of self-sufficiency in food before the guerrillas and anti-military organizations, not by setting the amount of payment to the people and collecting it, and instead they planted crops in the agricultural areas of the guerrilla zones by themselves to meet their food demand.

And every guerrilla base was equipped with a sewing machine to make their uniforms and medical appliances and most Koryo medicines needed for treatment were manufactured and used by themselves.

In the days of the anti-Japanese war, the might of self-development became the lifeline decisive of the destiny of the revolution and the powerful motive force for smashing the Japanese imperialists and accomplishing the historic cause of national liberation.

The victory of the anti-Japanese revolution proved the noble truth that if the revolutionaries fight against imperialism, believing in the strength of their people and firmly rallying them to the revolutionary ranks and preparing everything necessary by their own efforts, they can defeat any formidable enemy and win the victory of the revolution.

The tradition of self-development created in the flames of the anti-Japanese struggle is an immensely precious revolutionary treasure to be successfully carried forward and developed by the Korean people generation after generation and a source of invincible strength propelling the Korean revolution to a steady leap forward.

The history of the self-development of the Korean revolution is now being more firmly carried forward by the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un.

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un taught the precious iron truth that if revolutionaries lose the might of self-development, they would become zombies and gave the treasured sword of the self-development-first principle to all the service personnel and people.

It is the self-development of the Korean people to carry out the plan and decision of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un at the level required by the Party and at the time fixed by the Party.

Our people will surely build a powerful socialist country of Juche by making a dynamic offensive for making a breakthrough head-on to foil the enemies' sanctions and blockade under the banner of the revolutionary spirit of Paektu and the self-development-first principle, single-mindedly united around the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un.