Candies Tasted with Pleasure


The life of Chairman Kim Jong Il was the noblest of a peerless patriot who devoted his all to the country and people.

Among the history of his brilliant life devoted to the people was a moving story of personally tasting candies made in an ordinary foodstuff factory, being satisfied thinking that the children would be pleased to eat those sweets.

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un said:

"The great General was a great leader, a peerless patriot and the benevolent father of our people, who devoted his all solely to the country's prosperity and the people's happiness with absolute loyalty to the President and warm affection for his country and people."

Chiarman visited Jangjasan General Foodstuff Factory on July 30, Juche 99 (2010).

This factory is a comprehensive foodstuff production base newly built under the important instruction of Chairman to build factories such as the Samilpho Specialty Factory one by one in each province.

He listened carefully to a briefing of the factory's products, production processes and capacity in front of the floor plan of the production building, and gave undeserved praise that they had built the factory in a splendid way. Then he was headed slowly towards the production site.

Being briefed on the fact that they were conducting education through the panoramic photo of the two pine nut trees on Mt. Jangja posted in the entrance hall of the production site, he appreciated it and went around there.

He started from a wild fruit processing process and production processes of jam and starch jelly.

Being reported that the children of the orphanages and nursery schools were provided with jam, jelly and starch jelly made from wild pears, acorns and tara vines on the Sun's Day and the June 1st Children's Day, he said that there might be lots of children who had never eaten jam, jelly or starch jelly, which were favored by not only children but also adults. And he added that he was also delighted to see the people in Jagang province enjoy them.

That was why Chairman asked first if the people liked them even when he was making a round of noodle and rice cake production processes and potato processing process one by one.

Then Chairman approached sugar production process and stepped into the workshop with his entourage.

Hearing a proud report on the modernization of the sugar production equipment for a while, he appreciated their effort and the work of the Jagang Provincial Party Committee for making detailed organizational and political work in support of the party's policy on putting the food industry on a CNC basis, thus completing the introduction of the CNC technology into the sugar production process in a month. And he spoke highly of the officials of Jagang province for their habit of doing anything straight away.

Then he picked up and examined a candy package and watched the work of the candy drawing machine. Then he unexpectedly asked the officials of the factory whether the candies should be stuck to or split into.

When an official of the factory gave an honest account that the failure in adjusting the temperature resulted in sticking together rather than being shredded, he warmly convinced him that the candies would be produced individually from the horizontal cooler, emphasizing that the senior officials of the provincial party committee should visit this well-equipped sugar production process.

Resting his eyes on the candies which were being produced for a while as if he was not eager to leave, he asked someone or other if he could taste a candy in a pleasant voice, and he actually did it.

Indeed, during the Arduous March, it was a heartbreaking feeling for him to see the children suffering from the lack of sweets. But he headed for Jagang province with a conviction that we couldn't live even a moment without a bullet rather than a candy. That was why he couldn't take an easy step in front of the sugar production process, and even tasted the candies, being pleased to be free from such an agony.

It was Chairman who devoted himself to the children he loved and to the bright and rosy future of the country.

Visiting the whole factory that day, he said that he was really satisfied to see the factory today, and had a memorial photo taken with them. Urging that the Jangjasan General Foodstuff Factory should further increase the production of foodstuffs in the future to provide the people with a large quantity of quality foodstuffs, he encouraged them to produce more delicious and nutritious non-staple foods and other foodstuffs, thus making a positive contribution to successfully carrying out the instruction of the President on completely liberating the women from the heavy burden of domestic work.

When leaving, he took the products of the factory with him in order to taste them himself. And later, he even paid for them.

Chairman was indeed the benevolent father of our people who devoted all his efforts to the children and people.