Taekwon-do shining under the leadership of Chairman Kim Jong Il


Chairman Kim Jong Il said:

"Taekwon-do is a martial art unique to our country and a good sport that demonstrates the mettle of our nation."

Taekwon-do is an orthodox martial art of the Korean nation associated with the soul, spirit and resourcefulness of the Korean people.

Taekwon-do, which reflects the righteous, bold and assertive national character of the Korean nation, has been widely known from olden times not only for its powerful might but also for its peculiar and ever-changing methods, so that there is no martial art in the world to defeat it.

The well-known national classic "The History of Koryo Dynasty" says that one Soo Bak Gi warrior hit a pillar then the rafters shook and another Soo Bak Gi warrior hit a wall then his hands were buried among the fragments of the wall.

Soo Bak Gi, Thaek Kyon and others which Taekwon-do have its root in have always been loved by the Korean people for a long time, making a positive contribution to strengthening the country's military power and tempering the people's bodies and minds.

The murals of the Koguryo tomb of Anak No. 3, and the records in the historical document "Muyedobothongji" clearly show this.

It also eloquently shows how powerful the orthodox martial arts of the Korean nation have been even in the old saying that three Palhae people could kill a tiger.

But Taekwon-do, the orthodox martial art of the Korean nation, couldn't glorify its name by itself.

Choi Hong Hi, former president of the International Taekwon-do Federation who had long intended to create national martial arts and display the soul and wisdom of Koreans, named the orthodox martial arts of the Korean nation Taekwon-do on April 11, Juche 44 (1955) and founded the International Taekwon-do Federation in March Juche 55 (1966).

But there was nowhere for the seeds to root in.

It was President Kim Il Sung who embraced him warmly and recover the true feature of Taekwon-do associated with the soul of the nation.

When he met Choi Hong Hui on a visit to the homeland, he warmly said that it was a great pride of the Korean nation that he developed the ITF into an organization of world significance under his presidency, and that we highly appreciated his merits.

Choi Hong Hui was deeply moved by the loving care of the President who highly praised him as a patriot, whose life had been full of ups and downs.

When the Taekwon-do event unfolded in mass gymnastics held in celebration of the 13th World Festival of Youth and Students, the President first applauded and introduced Choi Hong Hui to high-level guests including the head of state of other countries as Taekwon-do commander.

He also wisely led all the people to put Taekwon-do, the orthodox martial art of the nation, on a mass and everyday basis to glorify the dignity and honour of the mother country of Taekwon-do and bring about a powerful Taekwon-do wind across the country.

Like this, Taekwon-do, the spirit of the nation, regained its true features under the care of the President.

Saying that Taekwon-do is a good sports event showing the spirit of the Korean nation true to the lofty intention of the President, Chairman Kim Jong Il wisely led to encourage and develop it widely.

In May Juche 76 (1987), the Chairman proposed building the Taekwon-do Hall, the largest in the world, in the picturesque Chongchun Street of Pyongyang, the capital of the revolution, the cradle of Taekwon-do.

The Chairman warmly said that it would be good to include Taekwon-do Hall in the capital construction plan even if we could not build one or two apartments, and sent an autograph of love "Taekwon-do Hall".

Taekwon-do Hall
Photo. Taekwon-do Hall

The President and the Chairman ensured that the people created and disseminated the health-prompting Taekwon-do, the Taekwon-do for the elderly and Taekwon-do for children as suited to the age and constitution of the people so that they could have a deep attachment to Taekwon-do.

And he saw to it that a well-regulated system was established to train talented Taekwon-do fighters and a powerful scientific research group was formed to develop Taekwon-do science and technology.

Taekwon-do glorified by the President and the Chairman is shining more brilliantly under the guidance of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un.

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un energetically guided the project for rebuilding and repairing the Taekwon-do Hall associated with the leadership exploits of the President and the Chairman.

Now the Taekwon-do Hall has become a monumental edifice in the era of the Workers' Party of Korea thanks to the great benevolence of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who looked at the layouts one by one and solved all the problems arising in the project.

The Taekwon-do Holy House built magnificently with the traditional Korean-style gable roof of the Korean nation was completed as another proud labor gift dedicated to the centenary of the birth of the President.

In our country Taekwon-do, an orthodox martial art of the nation, is being popularized and put on a daily basis, and the Taekwon-do fighters of the DPRK are glorifying the dignity and honor of the motherland of Taekwon-do all over the world by winning successive victories in international games.

Besides, there are more than 60 million Taekwon-do fighters in over 120 countries and over 90 countries and regions in which Taekwon-do groups of instructors of the DPRK have disseminated Taekwon-do.

Thanks to the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, Taekwon-do will shine as it fully demonstrates the dignity and wisdom of the Korean nation as well as the future of the DPRK which will be more prosperous.