Commendation to Self-reliance


The proud reality of socialist Korea, where all people have risen as one in the struggle to implement the militant task put forward by the 8th Party Congress of the Workers' Party of Korea under the banner of self-reliance, is rooted in the endless love and trust of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un. He regards self-reliance as the powerful weapon for the development and prosperity of the Korean revolution and commends and recommends our people to bring them up as those who make self-reliance an inveterate habit.

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un said as follows.

"The foundations of our self-sustaining economy that have been laid for several decades, our able scientific and technical personnel, and the creative strength of our heroic people who have made self-reliance part of their mental qualities and are brimming with patriotic enthusiasm-these constitute our valuable strategic resources."

It was the end of January, Juche105 (2016) when the officials and workers of the Pyongyang Kim Jong Suk Textile Mill were full of pride that they prepared the bag producing process with their own efforts, upholding the task to make the knapsack-style bags for students well, given by the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un while visiting the factory a few years ago.

The respected General Secretary visited the factory at that time. During the visit he suddenly stopped in front of an equipment.

It was made by the own efforts and technology of the factory and its production-efficiency was much higher than the imported ones.

The respected General Secretary, with his face beaming with smile, said with pride that it was so good to make things by ourselves, self-reliance was the only way to live on and the spiritual strength of self-reliance with which they prepared the bag producing process by themselves upholding the banner of localization was really precious.

The respected General Secretary said to have a photo taken with the background of the equipment, so the officials felt impressed.

The officials were really moved. They were highly excited feeling his love valuing and giving importance to the spirit of self-reliance.

They only made efforts to obey his orders, who had lightened their road ahead to complete the modernization of bag producing process by their own efforts relying on their own strength, technology and resources, but he highly appreciated them and also had a souvenir photo taken with them. It was no wonder that the officials were deeply moved.

His praise and the memorial photo was the greatest commendation to the self-reliance displayed by the officials and the working class of the textile mill who were standing on the frontline of improving people's living conditions and herein lay his great trust and expectation hoping them to rush ahead invariably upholding the self-reliance as the precious sword of development and prosperity, which has been the banner of struggle and the dynamic force for upsurge in the whole course of Korean revolution, in the future too.

The officials of the factory cried in mind looking up to him.

As long as we have the spirit of self-reliance given by the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, our country will victory forever.

Today those strong in self-reliance, the one and only revolutionary spirit of Korean revolution, are growing up under the leadership of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un in the socialist Korea and, thus the self-supporting developing capacity and basis for thoroughly implementing the tasks put forward by the 8th Party Congress of WPK is being consolidated.