The Flag of DPR Korea Fluttering more Vigorously under the Guidance of the Great Leader


The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un said:

"The geopolitical position of our country is the same as ever, but the weak country of yesterday which was trodden underfoot as a theatre where the big powers fought to expand the sphere of their influence, has now been turned into a proud political and military power and our people are demonstrating their dignity as an independent people whom no one dares to provoke."

The flag of the DPR Korea is fluttering in the blue sky of the DPRK.

Looking up to the national flag fluttering vigorously, the hearts of the Korean people are filled with boundless pride and confidence of being citizens of one of the most powerful and dignified nations in the world.

A century ago the Koreans were deprived of their names and family names because they had no motherland to defend their lives, but now they have become the citizens of most dignified and powerful nation. The tearful sorrow fate of Koreans has now turned into the songs of "My country is best" and "We are the Happiest in the World".

Our great and powerful state is the very motherland which the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, the peerless patriot, has built up with ardent love and devotion.

The might of a nuclear power, the most powerful politico-ideological power and military power in the world has been demonstrated all over the world and the wonderful new streets such as Songhwa Street, Kyongru-dong and Hwasong Street and beautiful new rural houses in the local areas have sprung up one after another thanks to the patriotic and devoted on-the-spot guidance of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un.

The hearts of the Korean people get warmer and warmer when they think they have been blessed with their great leaders, and they often shout at the top of their lungs with pride and confidence: Our motherland is the bosom of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un!

The DPRK flag will flap higher and more proudly day by day in the blue sky of the country as long as the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un leads the Korean people.