The Proud National traits of Juche Korea
3. The Struggle of Self-Reliance


Self-reliance is the mode of creation and fighting spirit peculiar to our people and the national traits peculiar to Juche Korea. Our state, our people, is the ones who win victory after victory by dint of self-reliance and self-development. The tremendous national power and strategic position of our state admired by the world and the high self-respect of our people are based on self-reliance.

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un said:

"Self-reliance is part of the proud traditions of our revolution and the motive force for our building of a powerful socialist country."

Self-reliance is the best way to firmly defend the independent dignity of our state and the people's life, make a leap forward higher and faster and pave a shortcut to prosperity. Self-reliance is not a tactical countermeasure to meet the demand of the situation or overcome the temporary difficulties on the road of advance but a strategic line to be invariably and consistently adhered to throughout the course of our revolution and construction. Because self-reliance is our mode of revolution with independence and self-respect as the lifeblood and the fundamental issue of deciding the victory in socialist construction, our Party and state have regarded self-reliance as the banner of development and prosperity, and self-reliance serves as the banner of life and struggle and national traits for our people.

That is why the respected General Secretary in his report on the work of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea at its 8th Congress said that self-reliance has been further consolidated as the national traits of Juche Korea and the only fighting spirit of the Korean revolution in the whole people's struggle to speed up socialist construction by increasing self-development.

Our style socialism is, in a nutshell, a history of self-reliance that has emerged victorious, advancing by dint of self-development. Self-reliance is the spirit of national self-respect that leads the world by our own strength, our resources and technology. In the revolutionary spirit of self-reliance and the spirit of Yongil bomb overflowing in the forest of Mt. Paektu, the Korean people did not hesitate to choose the option of worthwhile self-reliance of building a foundation for prosperity though it was difficult. Even in the unprecedented trials, when others would be ruined in a moment, the Korean people made no slightest sway in the course of self-reliance and traversed the untrodden historic snow by their own efforts, bearing in mind the mission and importance of building a powerful country. In the days of building socialism by dint of self-reliance, the Korean people demonstrated their strong strength to reliably guarantee the sovereignty of the country and happiness for all generations to come, resolutely overcoming unbearable hardships and ordeals in life, and enjoyed all the glories which could not be enjoyed even in the history of the nation spanning thousands of years. If we had given up the principle of self-reliance by yielding to the pressure of foreign forces, socialism of Juche would not have been born on the earth and our name would have been lost. Chollima rose above the ruins in the orbit of self-reliance and a miracle in the national history in which the satellite manufacturer and launcher was born took place.

The brilliant history of the DPRK which has made a series of miraculous victories and epochal successes and has made a leap forward for centuries, clearly proves that the circumstances and conditions of the revolution may change as the times and history advance, but the principle of solving all problems by dint of self-reliance remains unchanged. Our state, which has put forward national independence and national self-respect as its lifeline and put it into practice, has now proudly risen to the centre of the world political structure. The Korean people, who had to admit sycophancy and ruin as their fate a century ago, have now emerged as the people of a powerful country no one dares provoke. The tremendous strength and potential of our state, which can neither be measured nor predicted by existing political concepts nor by economic figures, have a fundamental source in self-reliance.

The spirit of self-reliance and self-sufficiency is the motive force for our rapid development and the most expensive wealth and resources. The wealth of socialism and the gains of the revolution in this land are so precious because they were created in our own way, not in others' style, and because the blood and sweat of all the people are deeply permeated. If we had expected the strength of others while looking up to others in the long period of the revolution, we could not have thought of the high dignity and pride of today.

Self-reliance is the only way to defend and glorify our dignity and national power forever.

It is also difficult to find dignity, but it is more difficult to defend and glorify it. History shows that even a country which has demonstrated its might as a powerful country will perish if it neglects its bolstering of self-reliance. It is the spirit of self-development and self-reliance that should grow stronger as the authority and influence of the country and nation grow stronger.

Self-reliance is a shortcut to steadily building up one's own strength and accelerating the growth of one's national power. The bright future of a country and nation at present when the national power race is fierce and acute depends entirely on their efforts. The misfortune lies in dependence on foreign forces and the fortune lies in self-reliance. In the course of overcoming the challenges and obstacles facing the road of advance, the driving force and internal motive force are strengthened and the precious wealth of self-sufficiency provided by self-reliance serves as a solid foundation for the prosperity and development of the country and nation.

Now that the hostile forces have become clear in their sinister intention to stamp out our sovereignty, right to existence and development of the DPRK, it is the road of self-destruction to rely on something. Only when the banner of prosperity by dint of self-reliance is more vigorously fluttered, will the road of victory of socialism be opened.

The enemies are most afraid of the strong ones who bolster their own strength and shape their way by dint of self-reliance and are unable to attack the latter. Our people learned how to overcome the enemy and difficulties and defend their dignity and rights in the march of self-reliance. The dynamic advance of our state and the worthwhile life of our people are firmly guaranteed by the strength of self-reliance growing day by day.

Self-reliance has our eternal victory and a bright future. As the fighting spirit of self-reliance and fortitude has become the prevailing social trend and national climate, we cannot have any difficulties and fortresses that cannot be overcome.

Today we are making a great new history of prosperity by dint of self-reliance, overcoming all sorts of challenges and difficulties by our own efforts. Even though time passes and generations may change, the principle of independence defended as if life can never be abandoned. It is the unshakable will of the Korean people to firmly carry forward the revolutionary spirit of self-reliance.

Self-reliance is the invariable direction of advance and mode of development of Juche Korea. Self-reliance is the lifeblood of Juche Korea, the driving force for victory and the eternal national climate.