The driving force and the mode of creation for the building of a thriving socialist nation in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea


It is the unanimous will and desire of all nations and states to build a dignified and prosperous power. However, it will not come about of its own accord.

The history and reality have shown that the greatness of a leader and their ideology lead to the prosperity of a nation however small it might be.

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea is vigorously stepping up an all-out offensive to achieve the final victory in the building of a thriving socialist country, holding high the banner of the great Juche idea, under the wise leadership of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un.

The Korean people's struggle to build a thriving socialist country is a gigantic and worthwhile struggle to build a prosperous country with national might, in which the people have nothing to envy in the world. It is also a grand and sacred undertaking to bring about a new era of prosperity, reaching a high peak of socialism.

Such an undertaking has its own peculiar characteristics in terms of its motive power and its own mode of creation.

Kim Jong Il's patriotism becomes the motive power of building a thriving socialist country in the DPRK.

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un said:

"Kim Jong Il's patriotism is vital ideological and spiritual sustenance which our Party and people should cherish for generation after generation and the most powerful stimulant of the prosperity of Juche Korea."

The building of a thriving socialist country is the genuine patriotic cause which is based on the ardent patriotism of the entire people, and the most powerful ideological and spiritual motive force for it is the great Kim Jong Il's patriotism.

There is a variety of ideological and spiritual force for the building of a thriving socialist country, but the main part is patriotism.

It is a thriving socialist country that is initiated and completed by patriotism.

The struggle to build such a thriving socialist country is the most sacred patriotic struggle to build a paradise for the people, in which the beautiful ideals and dreams of the entire Korean people come true, as well as a powerful nation, in which people are envious of nothing in the world.

So, the building of such a thriving socialist nation demands ardent patriotism of the people, love for their own country, and therefore, only genuine patriotism can be a powerful ideological and spiritual motive force which pushes ahead with it.

Kim Jong Il's patriotism is the most earnest and self-sacrificing devotion to the prosperity of the country and the well-being of the people.

It is valuable ideological and spiritual sustenance indispensable to all who love their own country and the people; it also serves, for those struggling for the sake of their country and people, not only as a powerful motive force that infuses into them courage and vigor, but also as a bright lighthouse for making true patriots from generation to generation and a compass of their struggles and life.

Thus, the DPRK is stepping up the building of a thriving nation with Kim Jong Il's patriotism as their ideological and spiritual driving force, whilst it encourages learning after Kim Jong Il's patriotism and applying it in practical activities for building a thriving nation.

For the DPRK, a great innovation and a great leap in all fields constitutes the modes of creation in the building a thriving socialist nation.

The building of a thriving socialist country is supposed to be a new, higher stage of socialist construction in the 21st century.

The 21st century is the century of great innovation and creation, which will bring about a historical turn in all fields of social life with highly developed science and technology such as IT technology, as well as with the struggle of the world people aspiring to independence ushering in a new, higher stage.

A thriving socialist country will be a great nation which becomes the most powerful and prosperous in the world.

The building of such a nation in the DPRK is a gigantic undertaking, for which the Korean people have set high goals to meet the demands of the new century and are striving to attain them. Only with great innovations and leap-forward in politics, military affairs, economy, culture and all other fields, can victories be guaranteed in the construction of a thriving nation.

The Korean people are boldly getting out of what is outdated and backward remnants of the past century, thus leading to great innovations with a new mode of creation.

What is more, with their own viewpoints of and attitudes to innovation, they are pursuing the creation of what can be world-famous in all fields of social life.

Whatever they may build, they build what can be called the model of the 21st century, which would be suited to a thriving nation and could be admired by the world.

And also, holding high the slogan "Let us take responsibility for the safety of the project and guarantee its absolute quality for all eternity!", they erect all buildings and structures as grand monumental edifices.

With their own innovative work method and style, they make every plan in a bold manner and create the new continuously, as well as they turn out in the campaign to break through the cutting edge in high spirits, thus fiercely kindling the flames of the industrial revolution in the new century.

Furthermore, they raise the strong wind of making an epochal leap forward and innovations at an extraordinary high speed in all fields of social life, thus radically transfiguring their country.

Today, the DPRK is witnessing a reality of miracles, in which numerous grand monumental edifices are rising up and all conditions are being provided so that the people can enjoy all the benefits of socialism.

It is just the DPRK's mode of creation to, with their own ambitious goals in all fields of building a socialist power, take a great leap forward by making enormous strides that can lead them to surpass all the others in speed.