The Loser's Car Driven by the Victor


July the 27th, Juche 42(1953)!

This historical day is a significant one on which our heroic Korean people inflicted an ignominious defeat upon the US imperialists who boasted of being ‘the strongest' in the world and engraved a great victorious age on the proud history of the DPR of Korea.

Our people have significantly celebrated its 69th anniversary in the epoch-making period in which they are demonstrating their indomitable spirit and mettle surmounting manifolds of hardships and trials.

The entire Korean people and the progressive mankind of the world are extending heartfelt thanks to President Kim Il Sung, who started US imperialism on the downgrade for the first time in the history and made immortal contributions to the Korean revolution and the realization of the cause of global independence.

The great leader Comrade Kim Jong Il said:

"The historic victory, our people achieved in the great Fatherland Liberation War is a brilliant fruition of the outstanding leadership by the respected leader Comrade Kim Il Sung."

The people of the young DPRK could achieve miraculous victories, unprecedented in the history of world wars, in the Fatherland Liberation War, so-called "confrontation between a rifle and an atomic bomb", as they were led by President Kim Il Sung, who is a legendary hero, an outstanding military strategist and a peerless commander.

In particular, his outstanding wisdom that unfolded an eye-opening reality unprecedented in the history of military diplomacy prides our people with the sense of victors today.

In 1951, the US imperialists, who had been suffering serious political and military defeats one after another proposed, armistice talks to the DPRK.

One day in September, President Kim Il Sung summoned the senior delegate of the DPRK to the supreme headquarters and told him to ride the captured car, which had been used by the US ambassador to south Korea, and that made him quite stunned.

President Kim Il Sung told him it was not because there was no available car that he was suggesting it, and continued that if he rode it, the senior delegate and attendants of the other side, who came out to the negotiation with a white flag, would feel a sense of disgrace of being losers, while he could participate in the talks in a dignified manner with great pride of being victors, who had humbled the US imperialists boasting of being ‘the strongest' in the world.

As he had expected, when the senior delegate of the DPRK turned up gallantly in the car of the US ambassador to south Korea, the US imperialists became utterly depressed, with their heads down, and the surrounding journalists and the whole world were quite assured of the outcome of the negotiation.

The loser's car driven by the victor!

Indeed, the far-sighted wisdom of President Kim Il Sung, the iron-willed excellent commander and the outstanding military strategist, was the fundamental key to the most brilliant victory in the history of military diplomacy.

Although time flows and one generation replaces another, the legend of those times is filling our people's hearts with pride and self-confidence of victors and confirming their belief in greater victories in the future.

The myths of victories created by President Kim Il Sung have been inherited as a proud tradition of Korea by Chairman Kim Jong Il.

The DPR Korea will be ever-victorious as it is led by the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, another brilliant commander.