Proud National traits of Juche Korea
7. Prioritizing talents, Climate of Attaching Importance to Science and Technology


The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un said:

"We should make it part of our national traits to set store by talents and science and technology, and identify and appoint talents to suitable posts so that they can take the lead in production and the development of technology; and we should also steadily increase State investment in the field of science and technology."

If self-reliance is a treasured sword for prosperity in the building of a thriving country, the might of the treasured sword is immediately supported by scientific and technological potentials and, furthermore, it is guaranteed by the mental power and brains of talents. When talented people in all fields who are the pioneers to put their fields on the cutting edge of the times, form a solid camp and fully display their ability, they can outpace the world in all fields including the economy and culture.

It is a well-known fact that the main aspect of the national power competition between countries has become the scientific and technological one and the scramble for talents in the world is fiercely contested. In this situation, if one does not establish the habit of prioritizing talents and attaching importance to science and technology, one cannot develop science and technology, which is the main factor in strengthening national power, and in a moment one can become a slave of technology and fall into the trap of economic subjugation. It is truth proven by history that if you hold fast to the importance of talents and science and technology, you will become strong and if you neglect them, you will become weak.

The only way to further increase the ability of Juche Korea to develop itself, open a broad avenue to prosperity and accelerate a good future is to enlist the mental strength and brains of talents to the maximum and hold science and technology as the lifeline of the revolution and construction. In other words, the spirit of prioritizing talents and attaching importance to science and technology should be made the way of life of all the people and national customs.

Juche Korea has a proud history and tradition of prioritizing talents and attaching importance to science and technology provided by President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il and held fast to at every stage of the development of the revolution.

When instituting the emblem of the Workers' Party of Korea after the liberation of Korea, the President set up a brush between a hammer and a sickle, saying that it also means that the workers and peasants should arm themselves with new knowledge and technology and make an active contribution to the building of a new country in the future. As a result, the red flag of the WPK clearly bears the great idea and foresight of attaching importance to scientific education and talents.

In the early stage of the building of a new country, where there were only empty safes and ledgers, the great leader built the university of the people with the capital rice donated by the peasants and trained the sons and daughters of the working masses to be revolutionary talents. He ensured that the State Academy of Sciences was founded in the flames of the fierce Fatherland Liberation War and the soldiers of the fighting Heights were recalled to the university to continue their studies and training of talents even in the severe wartime environment, so that the work of scientific research and training talents was carried on without interruption.

In the days of socialist construction for building a dignified people's country of independence, self-supporting in the economy and self-reliant in national defense, the President consistently maintained the importance of talents and science and provided a "Theses on Socialist Education" which indicated the road of training independent and creative people and the road of building socialist education, thus clarifying the orientation of training talents, the education policy of our country which remains unchanged today and tomorrow, and energetically led the work for implementing them.

Chairman Kim Jong Il, saying that he attaches importance to science, set it as one of the three pillars for building a powerful socialist country and the strategic line of our Party.

Noting that if the latest science and technology are combined with our most revolutionary idea, our arms, we will bring about a great change in the revolution and construction and turn our country into an invincible power and everything into a genuine people's paradise where it is prosperous, Chairman Kim Jong Il visited many scientific research bases, educational units and factories and enterprises where the flames of modernization flare up and wisely organized and led the work of prioritizing talents and education.

The respected General Secretary raised the idea of attaching importance to education and talents consistently adhered to by President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il to satisfy the present reality.

The respected General Secretary visited the State Academy of Sciences for his first field guidance to the field of the national economy in Juche 103 (2014) and said it is the intention of the Party to glorify this year as a year of successes in science and technology and a year of victory in science and technology, adding that the field of science and technology should achieve shining scientific and technological successes under the uplifted torch of innovation this year and thus build up golden mountains and treasures with fruit.

Looking round the Sci-Tech Complex wonderfully completed as a symbol of the Juche-oriented art of architecture in October Juche 104 (2015), the respected General Secretary said that when all the people look round Ssuk Island, an island of science, the Sci-Tech Complex is not built because of the wealth of manpower and plenty of materials, they will fully understand the validity and vitality of the Party's policy of consistently pushing ahead with the development of science and technology, regarding the development of science and technology as an important undertaking related to the future of the country.

All the sectors and units should direct primary efforts to the development of science and technology and solve all problems on the basis of science and technology, with the view that nothing can be done without relying on science and technology. Scientists and technicians should vigorously push ahead with the struggle for brains and abilities with an unusual determination to outpace the world, so as to fulfill their responsibility and role as leaders in the era of the knowledge-based economy. A climate of scientific and technological study should be established throughout society so that all the people can become masters of science and technology and masters of the development of science and technology. This is what the respected General Secretary stressed at every unit of field guidance visited.

Under the wise guidance of the respected General Secretary, the prioritization of talents and science and technology is established as the national tradition in socialist Korea.

The universal 12-year compulsory education has been being enforced, the gifted and talented education system has been further perfected, the remote education system has been established, the contents and methods of education, the conditions and environment of education has been being improved remarkably and there is a tendency of society in supporting the education.

All the sectors and units are striving to develop and cultivate their own technical forces ahead of production and construction, and a hot wind of studying science and technology through the sci-tech learning space is taking place, possessing high science and technology and taking part in the mass technical innovation movement, making a great contribution to putting production on a normal footing with valuable research findings.

The apartment houses for educators of Kim Il Sung University, Unha Scientists Street, Mirae Scientists Street and Yonphung Scientists Holiday Camp have been built and the living conditions of educators, scientists and technicians are guaranteed on the highest level and scientific and technical personnel who are contributing to the building of a powerful socialist country with merits in scientific researches are highly regarded as treasures and patriotic scientists of the country.

The reality of socialist Korea in which the social traits of attaching importance to education and talents prevail throughout the country and excellent conditions and environment for training talents are provided is a brilliant fruition of the outstanding and seasoned leadership of the respected General Secretary, the peerlessly great man.

Socialist Korea will surely bring about a new victory in the building of Korean-style socialism on this land, overcoming all challenges of history, holding in high esteem the respected General Secretary who is glorifying the great history of attaching importance to talents and science and technology as the great leader.