Highest Honour Given by People


The Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un said:

"General Kim Jong Il's patriotic mind was always filled with the word people."

Chairman Kim Jong Il who was respected by Korean people as their eternal leader regarded people as teachers and heaven.

He always cherished deep in his heart his dear country and people.

Having resolved to be the master of the revolution in Korea from the first day of embarking on the road of revolution, he continued to follow the road of patriotic devotion to his country and people by giving his all throughout his life.

Regarding himself not as leader but as son of people during those period, the Chairman thought it as the highest honour and the greatest pride to be called "our General".

One day, being reported that Sinuiju, the western border city of the DPRK, was hit by flood owing to the unexpected natural disaster and people suffered from it, the Chairman took urgent measures that helicopters should be sent to save people's life and provide them with relief goods. Yet worried about the situation, he personally called an official who had been to Sinuiju to deliver relief goods to the people in the disaster stricken area and acquainted himself with the real conditions in detail.

The official told him about the fact as it were; people in the flood stricken area were moved to tears, saying that the Chairman sent them helicopters to save them and what was more, provided them with everything needed for their life, so that they had nothing to worry about anymore. They added unanimously that they believed in the Chairman as in Heaven.

Having been told about his report and looking out of the window for a while, Chairman Kim Jong Il said emotionally that whenever he was told that people called him "our General", he felt people's affection for and trust in him as well as the boundless pride and self-confidence from the simple and innocent people's true feelings that they treated him not only as leader but as one of their family and followed him frankly.

And he told his inmost thoughts that he regarded the people's calling "our General" as the highest honour given by them and that he would live up to the expectation of the people who followed him calling "our General" by serving them faithfully.

Indeed, the Chairman was the great man, the fatherly leader of the people who felt the greatest pride and worth in letting him become "we" that have the same spirit with the people before the veteran statesman and the ever-victorious commander admired by the world.

That's why Korean people cherish in mind their yearning after him, calling him "our General" constantly, and turn out in the work to build a socialist power, true to his instructions.