People-First Principle–Fundamental Ideal in Party Building and Activities


The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un said:

"The great Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism is, in essence, the people-first principle, and the mode of existence of our Party is serving the people."

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, general secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea, declared in his immortal work, titled, Making Selfless, Devoted Efforts for the Good of the People Is the Mode of Existence and Source of Invincible Might of the Workers' Party of Korea, that true to the ennobling intentions of the great Leader and the great General who implemented for the first time in history the politics for the people and devoted everything throughout their lives to the good of the people, the WPK will, in the future, too, strive to add glory to the sacred history of the people-first principle.

There are many political parties in the world, but the WPK is the only one that has the people-first principle as its fundamental ideal.

The reason why a number of political parties which had been leading the socialist cause lost the support and trust of the people and ceased to exist by the end of the 1980s and the early 1990s is that they had not been built as motherly parties which took warm care of the destiny of the people on their own responsibility.

It is a principled ideal of the activities of the WPK that it should even pluck stars from the sky and grow flowers on rocks if it is the wish and ideal of the people, and that it is the task of its building to completely realize the independence of the masses of the people.

All the thinking and activities of the Party is directed to realizing the ideals and dreams of the Korean people as soon as possible.

One day in February Juche 105 (2016), when the strategic status of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea was getting strengthened remarkably, the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un said that our party is the party that conducts the revolution and struggle, in order to realize the dignity, independent rights, dreams and ideals of the people with the people-first principle as its fundamental ideal; it has been trained and seasoned amid the flames of the arduous and grim revolutionary struggle to be the powerful guiding force for implementing the revolutionary cause of Juche.

The people-first principle is a term that could be found only in the DPRK together with the expression people-bound train, a heart-moving term that is associated with the life of the great Leader and the great General who devoted their all to the good of the people.

Foreigners, who visit the DPRK, are surprised at and curious about the term people-first principle.

Once in his article, titled, The Democratic People's Republic of Korea: A Great Country of the People, a political figure from Nepal wrote:

"The term people-first principle cannot be heard in any other countries of the world or found in any dictionaries.

However, the term has become part of everyday life of the people and of all fields of society in the DPRK like fresh air.

In actuality, the people are regarded as the God in this country.

The masses of the people are exercising their legitimate rights as masters of the state and society and everything serves them.

All the lines and policies put forward by the ruling Workers' Party of Korea and the Government of the DPRK reflect the aspirations and demands of the masses and are implemented by the creative strength of the masses firmly united as one.

The masses are masters not only in creation but also in enjoying whatever they have created.

Anyone who visits that country can have quite a unique experience; he or she can hear the word people everywhere. Everything honourable is named after the "people"–the names of the state, of the armed forces, of state organs, of a palace of culture, of a study house and of hospitals.

Such social climate and system which ensure the dignity and status of the masses on the highest level have been created, not of their own accord, but by the leaders who regarded the people as their God, loved the people and devoted their everything to the good of the people."

"The people are my God" was the motto, creed and mode of life throughout the life the great Leader and the great General, and was the foundation which made them respected by the world people.

Today another outstandingly great man, the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, by administering the politics of love for the people, is making the Korean people a dignified and happy people who enjoy the happiness of having the great leaders generation after generation, a great people with a single-hearted unity which no one would dare to break.

The source of making the masses to be an integrated whole with the WPK and giving full scope to the might of the single-hearted unity are his love and devotion for the people.

The Korean people see in tears the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who is following the road of devotion for the people, bestowing warm affection on them and sharing their sufferings.

Even though he felt the greatest loss after the demise of the great leader Comrade Kim Jong Il, he ensured that the funeral ceremony of the great leader Comrade Kim Jong Il was at 14:00 when the temperature was above zero, instead of 08:00 when it was below zero, transcending the conventional practices of national funeral service, lest the people would tremble with cold outside.

When an area in a county in the mid-western part of the country had been hit by flooding, he personally drove his car along the muddy road and ensured that the people who had lost their houses lived in the building of the county Party committee while the committee officials worked in tents outside during the rehabilitation work. And reading the wishes of the flood victims, he instructed that not only the houses destroyed by the flooding but also those in normal shape should be demolished and new houses built so that people in other areas would envy them.

When he saw a strain of corn newly bred at a farm, he was so happy that he picked a fresh corn on the cob and put in his pocket, saying that he felt as if he had plucked a star from the sky and he would show it to the officials.

The love for the people is the starting point of all his thinking and activities and the supreme principle and highest goal of the politics he administers.

The people exist not for the Party, but the Party exists for the people, and the leader and officials should serve them–this is his motto and firm faith.

As he has cherished such faith, he said at the Fourth Conference of Cell Secretaries of the Workers' Party of Korea that it was the firm determination of our Party to respect our people and devote everything to them as it does the great President and the General in high esteem.

People warmly love and follow their leader with absolute trust in him, and the Party which regards the people-first principle as the fundamental ideal of its activities is so strong.