Affection and Solicitude Enjoyed by the DPRK Scientists
3. Fatherly Affection Associated with the Yonphung Scientists Holiday Camp


All people have their father and mother, who had given birth to and brought them up, and the parents' affection is always warm. But the fatherly affection given to our Korean scientists is hotter than those of father and mother put together.

The Yonphung Scientists Holiday Camp tells a story of the fatherly affection given by the General Secretary for our scientists.

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un said:

"The Yonphung Scientists Holiday Camp is indeed a ‘gold cushion' for the scientists and technicians."

The Yonphung Scientists Holiday Camp is a luxurious resort composed of building for holidaymakers, general service centre, multi-purpose outdoor playground, and the like.

Yonphung Scientists Holiday Camp
Picture. Yonphung Scientists Holiday Camp

One October day in 2014 General Secretary Kim Jong Un visited and looked round the holiday camp nearing inauguration, bestowing fatherly affection.

The following happened when he dropped in on the second floor of the general service center of the holiday camp.

There were laid ping-pong table and amusement facilities. Watching those equipments carefully, the General Secretary said to the accompanying officials that it was wrong to put ping-pong table in the hall of the second floor of the general service centre.

The officials looked round at the second-floor hall but failed to find out what was wrong. Pointing at the stairs in smile, he asked them who would fetch the table-tennis ball if it fell into the first floor during the play.

It is a commonplace for the ball to fall into the first place and no one cares about it. But the General Secretary, who takes care of our scientists as he would do his own children, made arrangements for the holidaymakers not to feel even a slightest inconvenience. Afterwards, the ping-pong table was removed to other place.

And then the General Secretary looked round the multi-purpose playground.

Seeing the rubber mats come off the floor a little in the badminton court, he instructed officials to make measures lest scientists fall over during the play. It was a trifle matter to which no one paid attention, but our General Secretary did not overlook it with the same affection of a mother who worries her own children.

When he saw a refrigerator at the bedroom of holidaymakers, he said that the rumble of the refrigerator would disturb the sleep of residents, so it was removed to the anteroom.

What the General Secretary always kept in mind is that there should be no even a small inconvenience in the life of our scientists. The above-mentioned story is merely a part of affection the General Secretary bestowed on our scientists and technicians when he visited the holiday camp.

It is endless to write all the stories of fatherly love of the General Secretary bestowed upon our scientists and technicians on that day.

Thanks to his ever-growing fatherly affection, our scientists lead a happy life with nothing to envy in the world.

Our people are singing the song "Our Mother" from the bottom of their hearts with a firm determination to prove themselves worthy of his affection.

There would be no such a good mother

as our mother anywhere in the world

As though we were reborn hundreds of times,

We wanna live in the embrace of our mother

Our hearts will beat with her intention

O we will be with her

Mother, mother, our mother

Workers' Party of Korea