The affectionate teacher of peasants


The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un said:

"Comrade Kim Il Sung's was a noble life of a people's leader, who regarded ‘The people are my God' as his motto, applied it to his ideas and leadership and turned it into reality."

The immortal trace of President Kim Il Sung, who worked heart and soul to solve the food problem of people, is left on the 100-jongbo field at Samsong cooperative farm in Junghwa county.

President Kim Il Sung visited here even three times in a year of 1971 and solved all the problems arising in double cropping which is one of the ways to resolve the food problem of people, teaching them how to do the farming better in a scientific way being the affectionate teacher of farmers.

When President came here on April 16th, Juche 60(1971), he enjoyed the view of the 100-jongbo field after warmly shaking hands with a management board chairman with a big smile on his face.

At that time half the field was planted with wheat and barley as earlier crops and the rest was being sowed with maize as staple crop.

However they didn't ensure the ideal depth when they use the machine to plant wheat and barley with the earlier crops. As a result, the wild land was scattered here and there because some wheat seed were frozen to death.

While President was having a look at the field, he gave the instruction to plant barley in spring of that year saying that barley was preferred to plant as wheat was frozen to death and asked about the estimated crop.

President listened to the management board chairman, who said that they harvested over 4 tons in the worse field than it, and then he asked about the compost which was essential to double cropping.

As a matter of fact, it was a major worry for this farm to prepare the enough compost.

They made an effort to prepare the compost of grass, but as both wheat and barley needed a lot of compost they barely prepared the enough compost for 100-jongbo field by carrying the liquid manure even in the city, as well as the compost from all the cages in the farm and the hypocaust ash from all the houses.

Having understood their efforts to prepare the compost, President personally chose the site of the pig farm, saying that it was necessary to build a pig farm in Junghwa County in the future.

The year before, after receiving the report that the Samsong Cooperative Farm was the first farm to turn out to reclaim 100 hectares of fields in Pyongyang, he sent 10 tractors and various kinds of farm machines that scientists made by his order and today provided them with the key to deal with the problem of compost which was the most effort-taking one in double cropping.

Indeed, President Kim Il Sung was a benevolent benefactor and great teacher of the peasants as he spared nothing for doing better double-cropping with his paternal affection to provide even more.

That day he gave precious instructions on the water problem, an important issue in double cropping, and promised to come again.

Though he was busy looking after the whole country, he visited the farm again late in May, Juche 60(1971), always remembering the promise he had made with the farmers of the Samsong Cooperative Farm in Junghwa County.

After acquainting himself with the farming situation in the middle of the field road, President Kim Il Sung expressed great satisfaction over the good yield of wheat and barley and expressed his pleasure over the fact that maize was sown by machine.

Looking round the well-arranged wheat and barley fields with satisfaction, President Kim Il Sung estimated the per jongbo grain yield. He said that now the double-cropping is self-sufficient and he came to the conclusion that the double-cropping is confident. He instructed that all the chief secretaries of the provincial Party committees should be shown to the fields.

He said with confidence that if farming is continued in this way, the people's diet can be definitely improved in the near future.

After 20 days, visiting the fields for the third time, he said that if there was no harvester, rice fields should be weeded quickly and all the farmers and office employees in the city should be mobilized to complete the harvest of wheat and barley before transplanting them to the humus-cakes of maize.

Then he asked him once and again whether the maize humus-cake was ready for the next crop, whether the threshing ground was big enough, whether there was drying ground, whether the dryer was in good condition, and how the condition of the main-crop maize manuring and cultivation system was. Then he left the farm.

President Kim Il Sung, who visited the Samsong Cooperative Farm in Junghwa County three times a year to solve the problems arising in double cropping, worrying about the food problem of our people, was the benevolent teacher of our peasants and the father of the people across the country.