The "Sea of Farm Machinery" of the DPR Korea that shakes the world


In September Juche 111 (2022), when the dignified flag of the DPRK was flying in the sky and songs of praise of the great country were resounding with the fireworks of celebration, a great "sea of farm machinery" was spread in South Hwanghae Province, the largest agricultural province of the country, which was another auspicious event.

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un said:

"We also need to provide rural communities with large quantities of modern farm machinery, including tractors, and ensure the adequate supply of electricity, fuel, PVC sheeting, agrochemicals and other requisites for farming, when they are needed."

South Hwanghae Province, which is a granary of the DPRK, is now remarkably portrayed as the forefront of defending the Korean revolution and as the field of decisive battle where the destiny of Korean people and life and death of the Republic were to be determined.

At the high forum of the Fourth Plenary Meeting of the 8th Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea, where a revolutionary policy for the vigorous promotion of the overall development of the building of Korean-style socialism was set forth, the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un put emphasis upon the plan and intention of the Party attaching importance to South Hwanghae Province, and gave detailed instructions on the tasks and ways to give boost of the Party and the state to the work for strengthening the agricultural foundations of the province.

And he gave the workers of the munitions industry the task of producing farm machinery and saw to it that they fully reflected the opinions of the peasants. And he gained a detailed understanding of all the problems arising in manufacturing, supply of materials and transport measures and successfully sovled them, thus opening the "Sea of Farm Machinery" in South Hwanghae Province in the autumn, the vital season for farming.

"Sea of farm machinery" in South Hwanghae Province
Photo. "Sea of farm machinery" in South Hwanghae Province

Under the grand plan, large-scale operations and energetic guidance of the respected General Secretary, the 5, 500 efficient farm machinery produced by the workers of the munitions industry and hundreds of combined rice-threshing machinery produced by the workers of the machine-building industry were deployed at all farms and workteams in South Hwanghae Province.

The total area of the lined farm machinery amount to more than 60, 000 m2, which is as large as 8 football grounds, and they are as long as 20, 000 m lined in one row, and more than 3, 000 lorries are needed to load them all.

Here and there, the people in South Hwanghae Province are stroking these and those machinery to ascertain that thousands of machinery are all the product of self-reliance and self-development which were made by the working class of the DPRK in conformity with the natural and geographical conditions of the country and the physical constitution of Korean people, and they are being deeply moved by this reality.

This auspicious event of September Juche 111 (2022) in South Hwanghae Province is a precious crystal of the boundless love and affection of the respected General Secretary, who devoted his heart and soul in order to bring forward the day when the peasants do the farm work merrily with the help of machinery, who are obediently devoting their patriotic sweat to guarantee enough provisions of the country.