The Rewritten Fare Table


The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un said:

"His was a noble life of a people's leader, who regarded ‘The people are my God' as his motto, applied it to his ideas and leadership and turned it into reality."

The traces of the love and devotion of the President for the people are left everywhere in our country such as factories and farms, streets and villages where people live and work.

On February 6, Juche 52 (1963), the President visited a small railway station in a mountainous area where the railway from Pyongyang to Kaesong stretched across the Mountains of the Myolak.

The official in charge of the station, who had not expected the President to visit the secluded station on a snowy winter night, went quietly into the waiting room with his heart swollen with excitement.

Receiving the bows of the official, the President warmly recognized his services with paternal affection and led him to the guide, asking him if it was better to write the fare table horizontally rather than vertically.

The official couldn't say anything as he did not pay much attention to the fare table in the waiting-room.

President said it would have been legible if the fare table had been written horizontally in Arabic numerals rather than vertically in Chinese characters.

Then he moved to the ticket office, observed the ticket he received and was very pleased that it was written horizontally.

Although he was busy conducting state affairs, the President visited the unknown station in a remote area and concerned himself about the letters of the fare ticket that the passengers had looked without due care and attention. Officials were deeply moved by his warm affection who gave priority to the convenience of the passengers.

Then, as dawn broke impressive story touching the hearts of all people unfolded again.

Nobody could imagine the President, who was busy giving constant field guidance with the love for the country and people deep in his heart, visited the station again in the early morning to see the new fare table.

He was delighted to see the new one that was written horizontally, and saw to it that the fare tables at other stations of the country are written in the same way.

So the legible fare tables were posted on the walls of the waiting rooms across the country thus providing convenience of the passengers.

The President gave the highest and absolute priority to the people's interests and comfort even it was the slightest and devoted all his life for the good of people.