Bright idea given by the fatherly leader-"button pouches"


President Kim Il Sung said:

"Love for the younger generation is the most devoted and dynamic kind of human love; it is the purest and most beautiful of all paeans dedicated to humanity."

With the birth and evolution of human beings, clothing has been developed as a part of human civilization and the efflorescence of culture, showing its beauty, grace and progress, but button, viewed apart, has hardly been spoken highly in itself in terms of its value and usage. But the apprehensions of President Kim Il Sung for the buttons coming off clothes of mischievous children and the precious time he spent for it still stir the hearts of Korean people.

One day, an official was called by President Kim Il Sung on the phone.

It was lunchtime and he, guessing that there would be some urgent problem, answered the President politely.

But he told him about the buttons coming off clothes of the children he saw when he made a round of the streets.

He said that they should take measures for it and find out the ways to stop buttons coming off children's clothes.

Being distracted for a little while, he came up with an idea that teachers and instructors of the Children's Union should make small button pouches and put them in the drawer of a teaching table to put on buttons when they saw the children who had buttons torn out.

The official was impressed with the thought that it was the President, the fatherly leader of children across the country, who came up with such a bright idea. At that moment there was a low sound of clattering on the phone, which was evidently the sound of the spoon crashing against the bowl. Only then could he realize that the President was on the phone while being at meal. The official's eyes were filled with tears at the thought of how great parental affection he devoted on the children.

This is only a small one of the stories of the President's love for children.

His love for the younger generation, who devoted himself to the rosy future of the country with the love for children incomparable with their own parents', permeated throughout the country to come into full bloom.

Indeed, the love of President Kim Il Sung for the younger generation who brought the future of the country into full bloom with ardent love for children is the ardent love of the noblest fatherly leader that knew no end.

The love for the future, the love for the younger generation of the President who regarded children as kings of the country and ensured that the beautiful blue sky of the country should only be mirrored in their eyes, will be handed down to posterity: "Let the world envy us!"