The Noble Spirit of Loving the People Shown on a Certain Ordinary Day


The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un said:

"Comrade Kim Il Sung's was a noble life of a people's leader, who regarded ‘The people are my God' as his motto, applied it to his ideas and leadership and turned it into reality."

In the history of President Kim Il Sung, who devoted himself to the people in his whole life, was an impressive story in which he treasured the cultural heritage of our nation and made it the asset for the people's happiness in the early period of building a new country.

It was August, 21th, Juche37(1948).

President Kim Il Sung, who had given on-the-spot guidance to several places of Haeju since the early morning, returned to his lodging later at lunchtime and had his car pulled up in front of Puyong Pavilion.

Out of his car and getting around the place, he asked the chairman of South Hwanghae Province what the place was for.

In response to the chairman's answer that it had been used for a merrymaking site of the feudal ruling circles, landlords, and capitalists in the past, he said that for their entertainment the feudal ruling circles had made such sites at the cost of the people.

He continued that despite the fact, it did not need to knock down but to keep well-preserved, therefore it should be used to educate the young generation with the spirit of hating them by telling how brutal the feudal ruling circles, landlords and capitalists were in exploiting our people and how dissolute they were in life.

He said that although it had been built such a long time ago, it was not discoloured, showing how advanced the then-architecture was. And he emphasized that it was part of heritage of our ancestors and could help to develop our architecture in the future.

With the nation-loving spirit of President Kim Il Sung, who, seeing even a historic building, first thought of the inheritance and development of the national cultural heritage, Puyong Pavilion of Haeju, which was almost knocked down, preserved itself.

That day, he also visited the Singwang Temple, a long historic site.

The Singwang Temple, which is situated in Singwang-ri, Haeju, was built in 1342 in the period of Koryo.

On the arrival of the temple, President Kim Il Sung looked around the scenic beauty and said that the working people should get there to have a rest during the high days and holidays.

After a while, stepping down the temple, he said that our ancestors' architecture was advanced, like making various types of pillars and rafters as if they had been in flying shapes. He highly praised that the temple was still solid and in good harmony of colour, especially not discoloured, even though it was hundreds of years old.

After finished getting around the temple, President Kim Il Sung told the officials that such a temple did not need to build but to be well-preserved as the heritage of the national culture our ancestors had built. And he repeatedly said that these and such cultural heritage were precious assets for developing the national culture of our country.

It was that day when President Kim Il Sung visited Sokdamgugok(a rock pond and nine valleys), well-known for its superb scenic beauty from olden times, in Pyoksong County

At the arrival there, he said that he had heard of the famous Sokdamgugok and he did realize its scenic beauty. He recommended that a rest centre be built there so that our people could have a rest to their fullest measure.

The accompanying officials was deeply moved by the lofty popular traits of President Kim Il Sung who at first cared about the happy life of the people whatever scenic spots he visited.

President Kim Il Sung, who visited Sohyon School, a historic place situated in Unbyong, the 5th best scenic valley of Sokdamgugok, said that the rock pond could be a resort because of its scenic beauty. And he said that the visitors there should be told about the progressive role of olden-time literary persons like Ri I (a famous Korean man) as well as the dissolute life of the people-exploiting and indolent feudal ruling circles.

He looked out of the car at the view of Sokdamgugok again and said that all those were the people's property and precious heritage of the national culture.

That day, he mapped out an idea of turning Sokdamgugok, a scenic masterpiece, into the people's resort, and continued his on-the-spot guidance keeping back the officials' request that he should have a rest for a while.

A life and a day!

It was an emotional story, unable to speak unintentionally. The pains taken by President Kim Il Sung, who had liberated our nation through long bloody battles against the Japanese imperialists and continued his restless guidance for the people, led to our country's prosperity and people's happiness.

Today, on the streamside of Sokdam stands a wonderful Sokdamgugok resort thanks to the warm love of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il and reverberates the happy laughter of the blissful-feeling people.