Our President and Promise


The sun of April is shining over the rivers and mountains in the thick of spring.

Whenever this meaningful Day of the Sun comes, Korean people miss President Kim Il Sung who provided them with the eternal spring of Juche Korea and are further determined to glorify his immortal exploits for posterity.

Chairman Kim Jong Il said:

"The great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung is the preeminent revolutionary leader in history, as well as the benevolent father of our people."

In retrospect, our President's whole life was the one of endless field guidance to people.

Nobody knows how much affection he had and how many promises he made for people. We can also hardly imagine his great efforts to keep all those promises.

When he personally took pictures of children at a mountainous school during his field trip, he sent them to go round to every student as promised. Once, on a spring day, he promised to come again to a farm in the fall, he surely visited its farmers to share their harvest pleasure.

Throughout his life, he regarded the promises he made with people as unbreakable law, his natural obligation and duty and principle of revolutionary activities he must keep in any circumstances.

Here is a story about how he valued the promises he made with people.

After a visit to Jagang Province (a mountainous province in the DPRK) one year, the President was supposed to leave for Pyongyang since an important conference was to be held and foreign delegations were waiting to be received there.

The President, who had got on the train which was ready to leave for Pyongyang, got off the train to everybody's surprise. When his entourage was at a loss, he said that he had almost forgotten promising Jong Chun Sil to go around Jonchon Industrial Goods Shop. He then had the foreign delegation awaiting him in Pyongyang brought to Kanggye.

Therefore, the President overnighted in Kanggye and the following day visited the Jonchon Industrial Goods Shop in Jonchon.

Our President regarded keeping promises with people as virtue, happiness and law all his life.

History records the lives of a lot of politicians and great people. However, nobody in any era and history can match our President who engraved the legend of promise associated with great respect for and devotion to people.

Our President kept all the promises he made with people even though he failed to keep the promises relating to his own rest and health since he always thought about his great responsibility for the destiny of country and revolution, and all his people.

Therefore, it is natural for Koreans to reflect, in tears, on his whole life dedicated to people every time the word "promise" that our President made is mentioned.