Devotion to the improvement of the living of the people in a mountainous area


Chairman Kim Jong Il said:

"Comrade Kim Il Sung was also an outstanding revolutionary, a great man and the benevolent father of the people."

The revolutionary career of President Kim Il Sung, who is always alive in the hearts of the Koreans and the world progressive people as the most prominent leader in the 20th century, is associated with many revolutionary anecdotes of love for the people shining as the spirit of believing in the people as in heaven. Regarding it as his motto to believe in the people as in heaven all his life, President Kim Il Sung devoted all his efforts to the improvement of the people's living standard, giving ceaseless field guidance to the people on his birthday and holidays.

The story tells about the revolutionary anecdote that he devoted his heart to the rest period which was decided by the Political Committee of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea for the improvement of the living of the people in a mountainous area, scores of years ago.

The decision made by the Political Committee of the WPK Central Committee at that time was a decision on ensuring that the President rested even a moment for the health and safety of the President who was making tireless efforts for the prosperity of the country and happiness of the people. In accordance with this decision, the President visited North Hwanghae Province, but he invariably followed the road of field guidance for the people.

The on-the-spot guidance to the then Tanghyon Cooperative Farm in North Hwanghae Province, which was inscribed in our minds, was one of the field guidance of love and dedication to be followed by the peasants in the mountainous areas, sitting knee to knee with them and discussing their housekeeping one by one with paternal affection, and showing the road ahead brightly.

One morning President Kim Il Sung visited the Tanghyon Cooperative Farm and acquainted himself with the state of affairs of the farm when he met a work-team leader. In the course of his ascertainment, he learned that the farmers were unable to see the rice-fields in this area because there was not a patch of paddy fields.

On the same day, the President left Tanghyon-ri. On his way back, he gave field guidance to various units in the province and reached his lodgings late at night.

Though the night went deep, the great leader felt so uneasy about the living conditions of the farmers in Tanghyon-ri who did not eat rice.

The President asked an official accompanying him to put off other works and go back to the Tanghyon Cooperative Farm to meet the farmers and discuss the measures to improve their living standards.

The official honestly persisted in taking a rest out of strain, but the President earnestly said that the living standard of the people in mountainous areas was still poor and he couldn't feel good even if with the rest of a hundred days Then he insisted on going to the Tanghyon Cooperative Farm again next day.

As a result, the President's field guidance to the Tanghyon Cooperative Farm was carried on again the next day.

On arriving at the farm, the President sat knee to knee with the officials of the farm and asked them what crops had been planted in this area before.

Originally, there was too little water inside the valley to plant rice but to plant millet, wheat, and sorghum with poor harvest. Listening to the fact, the President said that the lives of peasants couldn't be better as the maize is their only hope while wheat and sorghum had poor harvest. Then he asked again what the best crop was in this place.

No one answered because the land was so poor that there were no crops of any good.

A few moments later, an elderly official said that it was not good, but the soybean farming was going well.

The President said with a broad smile on his face that it would be possible to eat white rice if soybeans were planted in large quantities and that bean can be exchanged with white rice.

The personnel couldn't hold the passion in check, looking up the President who was so concerned about the farmers of Tanghyon-ri not eating rice as peasants on the lowland do.

Until that time, however, the officials of the institute could not know that the day was one of the holidays of the President, decided by the Political Committee of the WPK Central Committee.

That day the President gave detailed instructions on improving the living standards of the farmers including the issue of planting lots of dates and chestnut trees in conformity with the characteristics of the mountainous area and increasing their cash income.

Later, the farm underwent a cataclysmic change into a place boasting of the beautiful scenery of the socialist countryside under the meticulous guidance and care of the President.

President Kim Il Sung was so concerned about little white cereal that he unfolded a brilliant prospect by discussing the solutions one by one in order to make people enjoy sufficient and civilized lives. His revolutionary anecdote of love for the people is recorded not only in Tanghyon-ri but also in everywhere in our country, telling the history of the benevolent care of the President.

Indeed, the whole course of the revolutionary activities of President Kim Il Sung is a great history of love for the people as he regarded the people as heaven and worked heart and soul to promote the well-being of the people.