Immortal Trace Inscribed on the Sharp-cut Cliff Track of Mt. Osong


The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un said:

"General Kim Jong Il climbed Chol Pass and Mt. Osong braving howling snowstorms, visited Cho Island across a rough sea, and travelled to other frontline posts; all these places are witnesses to the patriotic devotion he displayed on the road of Songun-based leadership to defend the country."

The more increasingly we miss the Chairman Kim Jong Il, the more vividly we remember the immortal traces engraved on the sharp-cut cliff tracks of Mt. Osong in August Juche 87(1998) with tears in our eyes.

Mt. Osong is the forefront post in direct confrontation with the enemies, which is one of the highest and the most rugged mountains in the front line. It is a steep and rough mountain in the middle of the country.

To reach the top of Mt. Osong you have to pass 152 curves, and if you slip, you would fall off the cliff down to a thousand meters.

Chairman Kim Jong Il visited the military post as many as two times which is on the peak of Mt Osong with sharp-cut cliffs and deep valleys with the enemy's post right before our noses and is more than 1 000 meters high above the sea level.

At the beginning of August, Juche 87(1998), the officials who earnestly tried to keep the great general from climbing up the mountain that day reporting that the ridgeway was washed off by heavy rain in some parts and suggested him to go after repairing it.

But Chairman told them that there are soldiers of the People's Army on the mountain and we should not mind going up to the hills, adding that the Supreme Commander was able to be familiar with the life of his soldiers only when he experienced walking along the jagged mountain tracks in such a harsh weather as that day, and then decisively got on his car for field operation.

The road was so rough with stones left on it, being washed by torrential muddy water, grasses being uprooted by the strong wind and heavy rain on both sides, that the car chassis kept bumping and finally a tire had got a puncture with a bang because of sharp stones on the way. Everybody was numbed in their feet feeling dizzy and sweating in their hands by looking out at countlessly deep cliffs aside. When the spare tire was fixed and the car advanced again passing through some curves, the car suddenly began to lose balance and lean on one side down the cliff. It was such a dangerous moment in which the sweat-feet spread out over the backbone, and the field-trolley pulled up the hillside, but again the field car began to slip down in vain and barely stopped.

It could scale no more.

The Chairman pulled himself out of the car and threw his shoulders into the chassis.

Though the officers detained so much the Chairman pulled the car more strongly.

Following this, the officers who took his shoulders pushed the car up an inch, swallowing tears.

At last the field-car turned round the pass and reached the post, after a tearing of anxiety and impatience.

Seeing the clothes of the Chairman soaked in rain water and stained with mud, soldiers, running toward the field car filled with honor and delight, choked up on the spot.

The tear-stained voice of soldiers, told the great leader where he was visiting the rugged place, earnestly rang to the mountaintop.

However, the Chairman said that it is as if nothing had happened and that he should see how to go along a good road and take a rough road.

Indeed, there had been no fine day and smooth road in the long journey of Songun (army-first) covered by the Chairman who shouldered the destiny of the country and the people.

Once recalling about that time, the Chairman said that the call, Mt. Osong moved him to tears and reminded him of the hard times during the "Arduous March" and "Forced March".

Steep cliffs of Mt. Osong are telling us now that today's power and prosperity of the nation and the happiness of the people have been provided by the road of the ongun-based revolutionary leadership covered by the Chairman in those days.

Although we scarcely knew about how far and arduous hundreds of thousands of tracks on the frontline of "Mt. Osong" driven by the Chairman were in those days of hardship, we came to have stamped it in our hearts enjoying the road of happy life. We have come to perceive better that thanks to frontline roads there are the roads for children full of laughter going to school and for the people enjoying a happy life. We are living the proud life of today in the country where the desire of the Chairman has bloomed and resulted in fruits of all kinds of happiness and welfare.