All-people odes to immortal exploits of Chairman Kim Jong Il


Today the people of the DPRK are stepping up with confidence the general onward march towards a fresh victory, mindful of the great fighting programme set forth by the historic Eighth Congress of the Workers' Party of Korea. In this dynamic environment they are greeting the auspicious Day of the Shining Star, the anniversary of the birth of Chairman Kim Jong Il with ardent yearning for him.

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un said:

"The life of Comrade Kim Jong Il was the most brilliant one of a great revolutionary who, upholding the red flag of the revolution, blazed a trail with an iron will and super-human energy, and the most ennobling one of a peerless patriot who devoted his all for his country and his people."

The immortal exploits of Chairman Kim Jong Il, which our people feel ever more keenly in their hearts as the years go by, are reflected in the all-people odes handed down from generation to generation.

The exploits of a great man are not something perceived by propagation; they are what people naturally feel from the bottom of their hearts. There would be no end to Chairman Kim Jong Il's immortal revolutionary chronicle, if the entire Korean people should write it down out of their great fascination and admiration for him.

The birth of Chairman Kim Jong Il was unusual.

"The Native Home Covered with Snow" written in Juche 78(1989) impressively shows his immortal revolutionary life. He was born in a simple and modest log cabin of the Paektusan secret camp and glorified his whole life as the son of Mt. Paektu.

The song fills our hearts with ennobling emotion as it depicts the life of patriotic devotion of the Chairman, who was born in Mt. Paektu embodying the desire the nation had cherished for 5 000 years, and throughout his life achieved everlasting exploits for his Party, revolution, country and people.

He was the son of Mt. Paektu, who embodied all the dreams and ideals of the nation. With his pluck and courage suggestive of the Mt. Paektu and his boundless passion and love as pure as white snow of the sacred mountain, he carried forward the Korean revolution pioneered in Mt. Paektu and brought about brilliant future of the 21st century.

"The Native Home Covered with Snow" is singing highly the praises of the birth of the great man in the primeval forest of Mt. Paektu with such ennobling emotion. It is not a mere song as an ode to the great savior of the nation.

A monumental ode of the times can be created only from the hearts of the people who lead a life full of ardent and boundless fascination, admiration and reverence for the great leader.

The odes to Chairman Kim Jong Il have diverse characters. Some of them are gentle, soft and emotive while some of them have solemnity based on their great scope and depth and their majesty suggestive of Mt. Paektu. It is attributable to infinity of his revolutionary world which our people revere with utmost sincerity.

If all the odes praising the Chairman, who is the strongest general and the greatest man in the world, are put together, they will be a record of the image of the peerlessly great man and a grand symphony of the Korean revolution that advances and triumphs by dint of the songs of the leader.

The immortal revolutionary hymn, "Song of General Kim Jong Il" written in Juche 86(1997) still resounds as an ode of eternal reverence and praise for the leader, burning the hearts of the whole people with strong emotions.

It is a great pride of the Korean nation to have such an ode of the value of national treasure. It is as vast as the universe and as powerful as the gravitation. Singing this song, they have advanced so far and keep advancing confidently towards a fresh victory.

The most brilliant feat of Chairman Kim Jong Il is that he brought up ordinary working people to be heroic one and built a powerful country which no one dares provoke.

Holding higher the banner of Songun during the Arduous March and forced march, he continued his long and dangerous journeys to the front line over the rugged Chol Pass and Mt. Osong, building up the matchless military capabilities to defend the socialist country.

Though he strictly disallowed its writing, the boundless loyalty of the service personnel to defend the socialist motherland to the end, rallied closely around him and remaining faithful to the Party, gave birth to the immortal revolutionary hymn, "Song of General Kim Jong Il", resounding across the country.

The hymn represents the greatest reverence of all the Korean people who keenly felt his outstanding personality of a great man and his immortal exploits every moment of their life.

"The Might of Korea" written in Juche 100(2011) epitomizes the immutable truth that they cherished in their hearts while following Chairman Kim Jong Il all their life.

Seeing the lyrics and score carried on the first page of Rodong Sinmun in the morning of January 1, Juche 101(2012), the Korean people heartily felt once again his ennobling great image guiding them along the ever-victorious path for ever. With this song on the theme of the leader's immortality, the Korean people declared before the world that he is the eternal might of Juche Korea and banner of all victories and glory.

Chairman Kim Jong Il not only laid everlasting foundations for building a powerful and prosperous country with his superhuman energy and indomitable willpower but also opened up a bright future for the nation by dint of immortal exploits he had performed all his life for the country and people and the great revolutionary ideology. The song highly sings the praises of the greatest man in the world.

His great life illuminates the world.

Chairman Kim Jong Il, the sacred image of the socialist Korea and the eternal sun of Juche, is blessing the way ahead of the Korean people advancing towards a fresh victory and the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un, another great man admired by the whole world, is leading them along the path of great victory and glory of the revolutionary cause of Juche. This is why we can proudly say that a bright future is in store for the socialist Korea.