Demonstration Lecture of Making Buckwheat Noodles


Chairman Kim Jong Il said:

"I visit the places where my soldiers are, resolving all the problems arising in their work and living. The Party's affection and trust in them is endless."

Chairman Kim Jong Il, during the whole period of his revolutionary leadership, visited everywhere wherever the soldiers live and looked after their lives as their own parents.

His benevolent affection and love for soldiers is also deeply reflected in diet of pilots.

It was one day of his continuous inspection of the units of the People's Army. He said to the officials that the pilots would want to eat fresh noodles when they come back from their flight training so he would send buckwheat noodle and beef and the officials should prepare fresh noodles to pilots.

At that moment, the officials couldn't hold their passion in check.

When the modern chicken plant was constructed, he saw to it that chicken and eggs are preferentially supplied to the pilots. Also whenever he visits air units, he explained every issues arising improving pilots' dietary meals.

Indeed his love and affection for our pilots had no ends.

The pilots received a large amount of buckwheat from Chairman.

However, making noodles was not as easy as they thought.

Although the eminent cooks in the unit tried making noodles with buckwheat to the best of their ability, strips of noodle were not tough and it used to become ‘tadpole noodle'as pilots were saying.

At this time, after hearing a report of the fact that the soldiers were having much trouble with making buckwheat noodles, Chairman warmly instructed that it is understandable because it is the first time for them to make noodles and cooks of Okryu Restaurant should be sent to teach how to make buckwheat noodles.

After all, the legend of great affection, which famous cooks in Okryu Restaurant gave a "demonstration lecture of making buckwheat noodles", was born.

Thin, tough and tasty buckwheat noodles with the beef from Songam Famous Cattle ranch as flavored shred for noodles were garnished nicely with eggs produced at the modern chicken plant. It was almost the same as famous noodles.

Even though pilots faced bowls of noodles refreshing at look and bringing water to mouth, none of them couldn't take spoons and chopsticks in their hands readily.

Looking at the pilots who were facing the noodles with eyes full of tears, unit commanders couldn't help melting into tears because the rice-ball Chairman used to have in the field car came into their heads.

The inestimable affection of Chairman which is growing bigger day after day not only at normal times but also at harsh times, it was just the driving force which firmly brought up pilots as vanguard fighters defending the leader with their lives and as death-defying corps.

Thus, today, our soldiers of the People's Army are firmly preparing themselves as an invincible force who defends the sky, the land and the sea of our fatherland, keeping forever the affection which they were bestowed at harsh times from generation to generation.