He went on 250-mile journey for learning at the age of 12


President Kim Il Sung is a great man who went on 250-mile journey for learning with a great intention to liberate the country at the age of 12.

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un said:

"He was the greatest of the great, who has no equal in terms of personality both as a revolutionary and as a man."

There are many revolutionaries and famous celebrities in the world, and they have their own childhood. But there is no such a great man in the world as President Kim Il Sung who made a meaningful journey to be recorded in history, visiting and leaving the board with two countries at the age of 12 years.

It was early Juche 12(1923), when President Kim Il Sung was 12 years old.

Father Kim Hyong Jik asked his son, the young leader Kim Il Sung about his future ambition, saying that he had decided to send his son to Korea. The reason is that his son was born in Korea and so he should know Korea well. Father Kim Hyong Jik said that it was a great income for his son to know clearly why Korea had been ruined and to experience how miserably our people had been living in his hometown so as to know well what to do.

The decision contained the father's expectation with noble purpose of Jiwon (lofty aims) and desire of the whole nation for independence of the country.

Mother Kang Pan Sok, his wife was astonished that they had to let her young son travel alone to the distant snowstorm-drill path where there were piles of steep steels and that his son had to pass a few hundred miles where the tiger appeared even in the daytime. But thinking that her son should cultivate the courage in the hardships and trials and redouble his strong will as he embarked on the road of revolution in the future, she agreed to her husband, Kim Hyong Jik's intention.

Bearing in mind his father's instructions that he could not become a genuine revolutionary unless he became a genuine patriot who was well aware of his country and ardently loved the motherland, the young leader Kim Il Sung decided to set off the long way.

On March 16, Juche 12(1923) when snowstorms and winds were blowing fiercely from morning on, the young leader Kim Il Sung embarked on the road of historic learning.

On that day, there were tears in the eyes of the parents who were seeing their son off on the River Amnok.

In fact, it was a great and courageous determination which it could not be dared by anybody without the ordinary intention and will to let the young child, early-teenager go beyond the border between the two countries without protector.

Thanks to the decision made by father Kim Hyong Jik for the independence of the country and the bright future of the Korean nation, the journey covered by the young leader Kim Il Sung was the way to his fatherland buried with the bones of their ancestors, to the minds of his groaning nation and the shortcut of history which was eventually led to the battle for national liberation.

That's why the great leader walked every inch of 250-mile with the thought of his country and nation. More than 125-mile of the 250-mile that the President had to go was a ruinous ridge. The forests on both sides of the river, from the rear, were swarming with predators in the daytime.

President Kim Il Sung made a lot of hardships while walking the 250-mile. However, the great leader deeply realized that the Korean people, even though they were deprived of their country and were living hard as homeless people, were truly good and moral people who cherished the benevolence and traits of their ancestors.

The great leader was deeply impressed during the journey of 250-mile.

The most unforgettable thing was that the lamp was lit in Kanggye Street where the people used to live under the candlestick when he had visited Junggang with his father four years before, and the scenery of the street in which Japanese fashions and lifestyle appeared to be doomed.

Looking carefully at the image of the fatherland, the great leader remembered the true intention of his father who earnestly had said that he must know Korea, sending his son to the homeland.

On March 29, Juche 12(1923), it was the 14th day after leaving Paldagou, the great leader got to his native place in Mangyongdae at sunset.

After President Kim Il Sung got to the homeland and tried hard to experience and to know everything he could see and experience. Two years in the homeland where he learned in Changdok school after he walked 250-mile; this period was a time when the country and nation deepened their misfortune and pain in the face of the great leader, and it was a precious time when they had a deep understanding of the mental strength of the Korean people who did not submit to the misfortune.

That's why the great leader in his reminiscences "With the Century" wrote with deep emotion that it was a big school which made him know the country and the people.

Indeed, the journey for learning covered by the young leader Kim Il Sung for 14 days was an immortal revolutionary course. It shows how the President had covered the road of revolution from his childhood with a firm pledge to regain the land of the homeland which had been deprived by the Japanese imperialists.