Refrigeration Of Fish Processing Thanks To The Great Love For The People


Among the numerous traces of President Kim Il Sung, who wisely lead the revolution and construction with all his devotion, are many stories that he guided the cadres to give precedence to the interest of the people in the economic work.

Chairman Kim Jong Il said:

"The respected Comrade Kim Il Sung was the great leader of the people and their father. His ideology, leadership and virtue were based and characterized by love for, and trust in the people. All his life, Comrade Kim Il Sung was among the people, shared joy and sorrow with them and devoted his all to them."

The work of fish processing for the development of the people's living standard was discussed as one of the main agendas in the political bureau of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea on March 15, 1971.

In the meeting, the President said that we could supply the fish to the people on a regular basis for all seasons if we stored enough fish caught in winter, and to this end, we should build a refrigerating storehouse capable of storing hundreds of thousands of tons of fish.

A refrigerating storehouse capable of storing hundreds of thousands of tons!

The officials were all taken aback by such a bold and daring plan of the President.

At that time, some countries were suffering greatly from the lack of storehouses for grain. That's why his broad plan of building such a huge refrigerating storehouse for the supply of fish to the people made the officials so excited.

The meeting went on for 2 days to discuss the matter of refrigeration of fish procession and finally adopted a decision to build large refrigerating storehouses all over the country. And in accordance with this decision, a struggle for its realization was powerfully waged.

In the course of the construction, some officials worried that though they may be convenient to store fish in winter, the storehouses would be left unused for other times of the year if they were too big.

And some doubted that if they put too many refrigerators, they would come across some troubles during the operation.

Having inquired into such a situation, the President stated firmly that there is no need to hesitate, for if they can serve the people well for six months, even a single hour's worth of usage would be acceptable.

Hearing the teaching of the President, the officials were deeply moved yet again, by his great affection devoted to the people.

With the expansion of the economy and the strengthening of socialist construction, a number of factories had to be built and the resources and funds needed for them were beyond enumeration. Yet, the President's intention was to build large refrigerating storehouses, even if they would be left unused for several months a year.

Indeed, this could never be thought without the boundless love of the President with his inborn affection for the people, always wishing to provide them with more comfortable life at any cost.

Despite his busy schedule, giving overall guidance to the revolution and construction, the President arranged dozens of consultations in order to settle the problems arising in the building of the storehouses, and at times he made long-distance phone calls to the officials in the field and encouraged them to push the work forward in a vigorous way.

And in order to fully realize the refrigeration of fish-processing, he saw to it that all provinces, cities and counties were equipped with fish refrigerators and small refrigeration stores alongside the large refrigeration storehouses at production sites, and energetically led the work to build refrigeration trains and lorries on a large scale.

Thanks to the energetic and tireless leadership and care of the President, a modern refrigeration industry, which befits the nature of the socialist fishery, was established in a short span of time, making it possible to supply fish to the people through all seasons.