The Tradition of Loyalty and Patriotism of the Korean People Displayed to the Full Even in the Face of Adversity


The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un said;

"Our country will always prosper when all the people remain faithful to their civic duties while putting the interests of the state and the collective first in their consideration, and when they live and work as genuine socialist working people who commit their patriotic feelings to the development and prosperity of their country."

The boundless loyalty to the leader and ardent love for the country are the proud tradition of the Korean people handed down generation to generation and the motive force of all victories and miracles achieved in Juche Korea.

Countless miracles and brilliant successes recorded in the history of the Korean revolution couldn't be achieved without the pure loyalty and strong patriotic will of the Korean people such as the historic victory of the arduous anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle, the miracles in the period of laying foundations of the new democratic Korea and the Fatherland Liberation War in which the dignity and sovereignty of the country honorably defended, as well as those performed in Chollima era on the debris after the war and in carrying out the industrialization in a short span of 14 years.

The tradition of loyalty and patriotism created by the revolutionary forerunners is now further displayed in the struggle to open up a new development era of socialist construction breaking through all challenges and obstacles checking the advance of the revolution under the wise leadership of the respected General Secretary.

The tradition is, first of all, displayed to the full in the struggle to overcome the anti-epidemic crisis unprecedented in the history and to ensure the existence of the state and the safety of the people.

Korean people regard the measures, rules and instructions concerned with the emergency anti-epidemic work as the intention of the Party, the patriotic work of the country and the obligations and responsibilities for their families and for their own sake, thus observing them without any reservation on a voluntary and conscious basis.

They absolutely support the measures even if they would mean intolerable hardships and trials.

And they readily put their personal and family matters aside and are full of confidence in victory and optimism without any sign of hesitation or pessimism.

According to the report, more than 71 200 public health workers and 1 148 000 hygienic workers were mobilized every day and thousands of people who had a career in medicine volunteered in this work for the security of the state and safety of the people during the emergency anti-epidemic period last year true to the noble intention of the Party for loving people.

In particular, those working in the military medical sector of the KPA, who were mobilized to stabilize the anti-epidemic situation in Pyongyang upholding the special order of the Central Military Commission of the Workers' Party of Korea to put the anti-epidemic situation of the city on a safe footing, struggled to firmly defend the anti-epidemic position of the city with their loyalty to repay the trust and expectations of the Party and ardent love for the people.

The patriotic deeds performed by our people that they give priority to the state affairs and devote themselves for others are beautiful virtue and traits peculiar to Korea even in harsh situations.

During the last emergency anti-epidemic period, many beautiful traits were displayed; some workers and officials turned out to provide medical aid and foodstuff for those who were suffering from the virulent disease, some donated the materials to the hostels, dormitories and orphanages with all sincerity and some shared their food and daily necessaries with their neighbors in need.

Those who performed such patriotic deeds are everywhere in our country, and among them were war veterans loved by all people, ordinary workers and even members of the Children's Union.

The respected General Secretary said in the national emergency anti-epidemic review conference held last year that it is an intrinsic superiority and might of Korean style socialism in which all people have formed a single-hearted unity behind the Party and the government and move as one and that virtue and affection based on collectivism become the national climate. He continued we could achieve such great victory braving the unprecedented anti-epidemic crisis by dint of the might.

Then, the tradition of loyalty and patriotism of the Korean people is further displayed in the practical struggle to usher in a fresh era of upsurge and great change in socialist construction true to the plan and intention of the Party Central Committee.

Today Korean people are faced with heavy yet gigantic tasks of opening up a new stage of upsurge in socialist construction with strenuous efforts.

There are many things to do; the second-stage Project for Building 10 000 flats in the Hwasong area in Pyongyang, the construction of a new street in the Sopho area, the construction of the Kangdong Greenhouse Farm, the campaign to attain 12 major goals for the national economic development. Yet the conditions and environment are difficult.

But Korean people are turning out as one in the struggle to implement the Party's decision with the firm faith that their genuine life and the bright future of the country lie in carrying out the plan and decisions of the Party without fail into reality.

They wage gigantic struggles to open up a new era in which regions and countryside are transformed true to the Party's programme for rural revolution and provide the rural counties with labor and material assistance bearing in their minds the Party's intention, which set the task of attaining the goal of grain production as the first target of 12 major goals.

The enthusiasm of loyalty and patriotism is especially strong in young people today.

Many young people are volunteering to work in the major fronts of socialist construction and difficult posts that Party calls this year as well as last year.

In particular, receiving the moving news that the task to build a new street in Pyongyang city was set at the 6th plenary meeting of the 8th Central Committee of the WPK and this honorable task was entrusted to the youth, many young people across the country are volunteering to the construction of a new street in the capital city.

It is reported that more than 100 000 young people volunteered to the construction site in February.

When the Party is determined, we can do anything. We are sure to win a victory as long as we have the Party's leadership. This is the unshakable faith of all Korean people today.

The Korean people strong in spiritual strength who have made loyalty to the leader an integral part of their faith and ardent patriotism part of their mental qualities will undoubtedly bring about a new era of national prosperity on this land by dint of the might of loyalty and patriotism.