People's Leader Admired by the World


Today the world respects and admires the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who raises it as the basic mission of the Workers' Party of Korea to defend the people's life and security to the last and bring their happiness and laugh into full bloom and continues to carry out the work to serve the people in good faith, envying the people of socialist Korea with him as their fatherly leader.

The great leader Comrade Kim Jong Il said:

"As Comrade Kim Jong Un is possessed of the excellent personalities and qualifications as befits the leader of the revolution and people, he is supported and loved by the people. The people all over the world acknowledge and admire this."

The mission and will to serve the people in good faith is the boundless love for and devotion to people.

It is the intention of the respected General Secretary and the will of WPK to serve the people in good faith that the central committee of the Party should be the first to acquaint itself with the trials suffered by people and share good times and bad with people in the times of hardship.

In August and September 2020 a state of emergency occurred in which natural disasters struck on several countries and regions, including the DPRK, causing a lot of economic losses and making a great number of people homeless.

Though other countries felt bitter against Providence losing family property and homes by floods, important measures were taken one after another to cope with the damages by flood under the direct guidance of the respected General Secretary in socialist Korea.

The world's mass media and public figures of all social standings were surprised at and admired the amazing reality of the DPRK that was creating miracles unprecedented in the world by boldly launching the campaign to reconstruct the disaster areas as a nationwide and all-people work under the wise leadership of the respected General Secretary

A Kuwait newspaper reported that the people-first principle in the DPRK served as the standard of state activity and the collectivist traits as the traits of the whole society and that the work of Korean people to cope with the natural disaster hit in succession proved that the country was a harmonious great family with the respected General Secretary as the fatherly leader and the people-first principle was demonstrating great vitality, adding that the DPRK would throw its rays all over the world as the country of people, the nation of single-hearted unity, thanks to the politics of love for people by the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un.

And a Senegal newspaper said that the happy life of Korean people envied by the world was the precious fruition of the warm love and devotion of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who was continuously carrying out the work to serve the people in good faith, not by God. The newspaper also mentioned that when many countries were in total chaos because of the spread of covid-19, the steel-like anti-epidemic system and order were maintained only in the DPRK and the places for happy living were being built in the areas that were stricken by severe natural disasters, which was why the Korean people were singing that their house was the embrace of the Party and entrusted their destiny and future entirely to the WPK.

In addition, the chairman of the Brazilian Center for the Study of Songun Politics said that the fact that the personnel of Korean People's Army and the members of the Party were mobilized to build houses for the people who were rendered homeless by typhoons and floods hit in succession was enough to show that the WPK was the genuine mother Party serving the people and admired that the DPRK would be the greatest country in the world thanks to the leadership of the WPK with the respected General Secretary as the leader.

Indeed, the impressive pictures created on the road of devotion to people made by the respected General Secretary, who was born with the ardent love for people, can never be found on this planet, so mankind is very impressed with his moral influence.

Holding the respected General Secretary, the genuine people's leader who spares nothing for people in high esteem, the DPRK has become a nation of miracles, an invincible country admired by the world, winning the great victory startled by people.

True to the idea and leadership of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, the Korean people will demonstrate the dignity and might of Kim Il Sung's Korea and Kim Jong Il's Korea all over the world and surely build a prosperous ideal society of socialism on this land.