A Story about Organization of the Television Quiz Show


Perhaps nobody knows who first organized the annual television quiz show that still arouses interests of children and students and their parents.

On July 31, Juche 77(1988), 35 years ago, Chairman Kim Jong Il told officials that it would be good to organize a television quiz show on the subject of science, including mathematics and physics.

And a few days later he sent books for the quiz show and, on August 7, gave detailed instructions on its organization as far as its form and matter.

Chairman Kim Jong Il said:

"Quiz should be arranged in various forms and in diversified and interesting ways."

He sent the books down to the officials that day and said that it would be possible to organize the quiz show with it.

In order to organize the quiz show with it, he told them that they should first invite math teachers and experts to find the correct answers to the problems and then start the show.

Saying that the quizzes should not be used as they are in the books, but they should be compiled in Korean style for the show, he gave some examples; making words with more than 10 letters including "ㄴ" or "ㅇ", a consonant subjoined at the end of a Korean orthographic syllable, and looking up words like "기러기", "도마도", "사진사" and "화학화", which have the same sound and the same meaning when they are read right side left, and finding words such as "조선", "가시", "외교", "유리" and "전화", which have a meaning when they are read right side left.

He gave detailed instructions on the quiz show; time limit for thinking after posting a problem, for example, 3~5 minutes for word-making, various and interesting organization in several forms for development of children and students' intellegence, and giving awards to those who won it.

Thanks to the careful guidance of Chairman Kim Jong Il, the quiz show has been held every year since then on the levels of primary school, middle school and university. As the result, lots of talents, who have given fuller play to their talents to contribute to building a powerful socialist country, were well known to admire the people.