The creed President Kim Il Sung cherished all his life


Independence is the revolutionary creed and revolutionary practice that President Kim Il Sung cherished all his life. Here lies the firm faith and will of Juche and the ardent love for the country, nation and people of the President whom no other great man parallels.

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un said as follows.

"Today, independence stands as a vivid symbol of his personality as a peerlessly great man and as a byword for our times praising his sacred revolutionary career and imperishable achievements."

The determination of the President who chose independence as a weapon for shaping the destiny in the history of disgrace woven with sycophancy and submission is indeed of great significance, and the revolutionary practice of the President, who never abandoned the independent stand and held fast to it throughout the arduous course of revolution spanning decades of years, is also a historic undertaking unprecedented in the world.

When the important historic task of building a free and independent prosperous country was coming to the fore after liberation, President Kim Il Sung indicated that only the road of progressive democracy was the genuine path that our country and nation should follow.

Progressive democracy was the original Korean-style political line which fully conformed with the specific conditions of Korea, as well as the aspirations of the Korean people who had to carry out the people's democratic revolution after liberation.

President Kim Il Sung said as follows when he met a south Korean politician during his visit to Pyongyang.

As you know, Mr Ryo, since our country had been a colony of Japanese imperialism for a long time, the vestiges of the vicious Japanese imperialism and feudal remnants remain deeply rooted in all fields of society despite the country's liberation. In view of this character of the Korean revolution, we should now advance along the road of Korean-style democracy suited to the actual conditions of our country.

President Kim Il Sung, who set forth the original and creative lines and policies not in any particular field of the past century when flunkeyism, dogmatism, and domination had prevailed, but in all fields of the revolution and construction, and at every stage and period of the revolution and construction rather than at any particular period, was indeed a great man.

He said as follows during his interview with the party and government delegation of a country for scores of years ago as he recollected with deep emotion about having dealt with all problems arising in the revolution and construction in an independent and creative way in consonance with the realities of our country and the Korean revolution.

The way people eat food varies from country to country.

Some people eat food with spoons, some eat with forks or chopsticks, and the others eat using their hands. So the same way of having food with forks can't be applied to all the people of every country. The same holds true for the case of the revolution and construction, which should be carried out in keeping with the actual conditions of every country.

President Kim Il Sung led the Korean revolution along the only road of victory and glory with such a firm and unshakable faith.

One day the President recalled those days when he had led the Korean revolution along the road of victory under the banner of independence.

He proudly declared that we could have due pride and self-esteem in the revolutionary stand and independent lines that had been maintained consistently in the past, and the worthwhile struggle and the great exploits our Party and people had achieved paving a new road of history by means of single-hearted unity now that our country, which had fallen behind through centuries and lost its glory trodden under foot by the imperialists, turned into a prosperous and powerful socialist country.

Indeed independence was a revolutionary creed, revolutionary method and revolutionary practice that President Kim Il Sung had kept and applied all his life.