A Fact Known After 63 Years


Seen in the history of the leadership of the great leader over the war victory are legendary stories about the fact that he recalled university students who had fought on the front to the university with a view to the victory in the days of the war when bullets were howling, and unfolded a grand blueprint for postwar reconstruction when it was in the midst of the war, and other anecdotes unprecedented in the world history of wars.

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un said:

"Comrade Kim Il Sung, who gave priority to strengthening the revolutionary armed forces throughout his revolutionary career, worked a military miracle of the 20th century by defeating two imperialist powers, the most ferocious forces in the world, developed the KPA into a match--for-a-hundred revolutionary army and accomplished the aims of arming all the people and fortifying the whole country."

One day in August, Juche 103 (2014), the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un met senior party and army officials and looked back with deep emotion upon the brilliant feats performed by the An Tong Choe Chun Guk 12 Division during the Fatherland Liberation War under the wise leadership of the President. Then he told a story about what was not known to the world.

The story was that the great leader organized a football match with anti-Japanese revolutionary fighters in March Juche 40 (1951) and personally took part in the game in No.16.

That was the time when the enemies, consternated by the re-advance of the People's Army, were massively reinforcing their lethal hardware and aggressive forces at the front to make up for their defeat.

When a large army of the enemy was pushing forward to recover its repeated defeats, he personally organized a football match and took part in the game as if the enemy planes were not flying at any moment, where on earth is there another personage like our leader?

As is known from the recollections of the witnesses afterwards, the President organized a football match with commanding officers who had participated in the meeting for corps commanders of KPA on the one hand, and commanding officers of the General Staff on the other hand and played the match with commanding officers of the KPA corps with No.16 in his uniform.

He personally played an active part in the mid-field and organized attacks to the center and both sides of the field, and sometimes drove the ball directly to threaten the opponent.

It was said that encouraged by the President who brought about the victory of the team, he initiated them in using of well-organized match methods and strategies during a break, they ran the playground narrowly as if they were not aware of the situation of war.

Ryu Kyong Su, who was active in the movement of his opponents with his tall height, Choe Hyon, who made a vigorous move along the ball, and Choe Yong Jin, who filled the vacant space in the middle zone, Before one knew what was happening, there was full of laugh of victory in the small playground of the primary school thrusting the cannonade of war as well as cheering of soldiers of units under the direct control and villagers.

The football match which was held at the Supreme Headquarters on a Spring day during the war time was an event which could be organized only by the President who remained unfazed even if the heavy odds dared attack.

It is said that over the years everything is buried in the moss of history.

Indeed, the respected General Secretary is the supreme personifier of noble loyalty and moral obligation as he does not forget glorify the world the fact even 63 years ago and glorify it in the world.