The Proud National traits of Juche Korea
2. The noble spiritual and moral traits of helping each other and sharing good and bad


Typhoon 9, which hit our country in September Juche 109(2020), caused serious damage to parts of North and South Hamgyong Provinces. In the coastal areas of South and North Hamgyong provinces, more than 1 000 dwelling houses were destroyed and many public buildings and farmlands were flooded.

When he was informed, on damaged sites, in detail about the disasters, the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un convened and gave guidance to an enlarged meeting of the Political Bureau of the Party Central Committee for the campaign to recover from it. At the meeting, he stressed that the rehabilitation should be made into an important political work process, an occasion for consolidating the single-hearted unity, not just an economic and business process for recovering from natural disasters. He added that it would be advisable for the capital city to actively support the provinces in order to make it the noble spiritual and moral virtues that the whole society should give priority to those who are in such difficult situations and share bitters and sweets with them.

Then, he sent an open letter to all the party members of the capital city of Pyongyang from one of the typhoon-stricken sites. He said, in the letter, that it is a national custom for all other parts of the country to defend the capital, their heart and soul, in every way, but also a proud national custom that capital citizens sincerely support and encourage the provincials in such difficulties. He continued that even though in hardships and short of time, they should not be beyond the coming celebration of October, 10th, and warmly appealed to the Party members in the capital to give sincere consolation and support to them and launch a struggle so that they could pick themselves up from the disasters as soon as possible.

This was a great appeal of the peerlessly great man who regards it a top priority of the Party and the state to get rid of the misfortune and pain suffered by the people, as well as a proud declaration of having the great family of socialism in which the noble mental and moral traits of helping each other and sharing weal and woe were established.

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un said,

"We should ensure that the noble and beautiful moral trait of helping and leading one another forward prevails throughout the country so that our society is turned into a large, harmonious family that is united with a single heart."

The ideological consciousness and moral traits of the people have a great influence on the national power and the future of a country's development. A country, with the established spirit of helping one another and overcoming difficulties together, will be ever-victorious with vigour in whatever adversity.

Unique to socialist Korea are the noble mental and moral traits of the whole society giving priorities to those who are in difficult and arduous situations and sharing weal and woe with them.

A society in which all the people live harmoniously and affectionately, helping and leading one another as if being close kin, and a society full of virtues and affection, is the Korean-style socialist society with single-mindedness.

It is commonplace that everybody in our country respects and loves each other, even though in different age, living conditions, posts and duties, as well as renders selfless assistance to the sick and the impaired. The DPR Korea is the only country where the virtues of devoting all life to their comrades are dominant and the word "we" is commonly used.

The Korean-style socialist society exhibits, as its popular traits, virtues of parentless children and single elderly people being taken care of as one's own flesh and blood, disabled soldiers being chosen to marry as their life companions, as well as of regarding it obligatory and a matter of fact to respect and prioritize revolutionary forerunners and make devotion to society and collective without pursuing any honour and reward.

The DPRK is the country which exhibits ever-present touching virtues despite the unprecedented threatening adversity and has skipped centuries by the means of cooperative and collaborative innovations. It is unthinkable apart from humanity and noble moral ethics that our people are paving the way for socialism without slightest pessimism despite the severe trials and difficulties in history. The miracles of the Chollima era, the great heyday of the era of the Workers' Party of Korea, the victorious outcome of the Arduous March and the Forced March were partly because of the comradely love and kinship of the Korean people sharing life and death in support of the cause of the Party, not by dint of tremendous economic power or enormous funds. The world people are admiring the Korean people as the latter is courageously advancing through all difficulties with laughter while holding hands with each other.

The DPR Korea went through the recent devastating natural disaster in some parts, but never in the state of being pessimistic nor desperate. We have the great fatherly leader who takes warm care of those even in remote parts with warm enthusiasm and affection, as well as a proud national custom of sharing happiness and hardship and overcoming ordeals with single-mindedness when in difficulties.

Thanks to this national custom of a large harmonious socialist family with the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un as the fatherly leader, the DPR Korea is shining all over the world as a flower garden of human love.