Humanity of President Kim Il Sung, Founder of Socialist Korea


The DPRK celebrates the Day of the Sun, the birthday of President Kim Il Sung who always lives in the hearts of the people, being lauded as the great Sun of mankind.

President Kim Il Sung who founded socialist Korea was a great man with passionate humanity.

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un said:

"He looked after his people with a warm heart and approached them in a simple and unceremonious manner."

Humanity is a caring heart for others and warm affection with which to treat them kind-heartedly. It is a personal manifestation of love for human beings and is essential in noble personality traits. The degree of human love is expressed by humanity.

The humanity of President Kim Il Sung as a great man was infinitely noble, warm and passionate.

Chairman Kim Jong Il said the humanity possessed by the President was the greatest and noblest one even the love and affection of all the people of the world put together cannot match, adding that it is characterized by the greatest warmth, intensity, dimension, profundity, benevolence and kindness.

President Kim Il Sung was the most benevolent man who enhanced humanity that came into being along with the history of human love to the highest level.

He believed in the people and sympathized with them more than anybody else and devoted all his life to their good, regarding their pain as his own. That is why anyone who had ever met him, be they communists or nationalists and irrespective of their isms and doctrines, was attracted by his noble humanity and admired it and followed him like the sunflower that follows the sun.

President Kim Il Sung's humanity was, above all, very benevolent and warm-hearted.

Humanity is just like a sweet fragrance and warm and tender feeling towards human being. That is why the nobility of humanity possessed by human being is manifested by how kindly and tenderly he treats other people.

The President always treated people warmly and tenderly with his affectionate and tender humanity. He was as fierce as the tiger of Mt. Paektu in dealing with the enemies, but was intimate, tender, generous and affectionate in treating the people and his revolutionary comrades.

People were always charmed by his warm and beaming smile, soft, intimate and attractive way of speaking and gentle and simple qualities as they were full of affection, tenderness, softness and generosity.

The immeasurably affectionate humanity of the President found expression in always treating the people kindly and generously.

He liked it most to find himself among the people and intimately mixed with them without leaving the slightest space with them, and treated them affectionately with generous and soft humanity.

President Kim Il Sung's humanity was also the most comprehensive and profound.

The nobility of people's humanity can also be determined by how comprehensive and profound it is.

That of the President was the passionate one which knew no bounds as it embraced literally all domains of human life on earth and the profound one reading the minds of the people as their caring mother would do.

He always treated workers, farmers, intellectuals and soldiers kindly and gently and solved all the problems arising in their work and life.

Even the spring which brings everything back to life can hardly make the flowers in shadow bloom. However, the President's humanity was the boundlessly comprehensive and warm one which reached every corner of this land, be they shadowy or not, and cared for the people with the affections of a mother who is more concerned about the children who are far away from her than those nearby.

President Kim Il Sung's humanity was so fervent that it was the epitome of human love.

Humanity as a human feeling should be warm and passionate. As the saying goes, "Sweet fragrance attracts bees and butterflies." Likewise a man brimming over with human touch attracts the people and commands their respect.

The President, who had been famed as a man of passion and heart from his early years, was a great man who embraced all the people with warm human touch.

Indeed, his humanity was as pure and soft as the water of Lake Chon on Mt. Paektu, as broad as the vast and boundless universe, as hot as the lava of active volcano and as warm as the sunlight.

Therefore, progressive humankind unanimously praise him as the most benevolent and kind-hearted leader on this planet.