The paternal love associated with the "Frost Flower" toothbrush


In our busy and pleasant morning, toothpaste, toothbrush and soap hold an important place playing their own specific role. So we call them daily necessities as they are closely associated with our everyday life.

They are just unnoticed, common, small sundry goods which people don't pay attention to but they are also filled with devotion and labors of Chairman Kim Jong Il.

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un said:

"General Kim Jong Il said that if there is an omnipotent entity in this world, it is the masses, not any god; it was his patriotic creed that the country exists because the people exist."

Chairman Kim Jong Il visited modernly newly built Pyongyang daily necessities factory for the promotion of material and cultural life and health of our people in June, Juche 91(2002).

When he visited the toothbrush workshop where all the processes from raw material feeding to completion were fully furnished, he expressed his great satisfaction seeing various kinds of good-quality toothbrushes adapted to various ages as the toothbrush problem was completely settled.

Looking at different types of toothbrushes one by one, Chairman said that all those toothbrushes should not have any slight flaws for our people to use and looking into the fine parts of the toothbrushes, he ardently said this had taken a weight off his mind as our people could be provided with enough high-quality toothbrushes, which are good to look at and convenient to use.

Saying that the newly-built toothbrush shop is entrusted with a very important duty of serving the people, he gave detailed instructions to the officials with paternal love that the work for producing a greater number of peculiar and colorful kinds of toothbrushes including prefabricated toothbrushes should be scrupulously carried out since toothbrushes are indispensable necessities always needed in human life.

He personally looked at the box of toiletries produced by their own efforts and technology with a high degree of enthusiasm to make it a model product of which they can exhibit before the world, saying that "frost flower" toothbrush is good and that he himself uses it, too.

Indeed, we can't think without warm love of Chairman who devoted his all and affection even to the toothbrushes usually regarded as trifles in a daily life.

The "Frost Flower" toothbrush, one of the minor goods used by people, conveys forever the boundless love of Chairman for our people to lead a happy life without envy in the world, regarding them as God.