Criterion for Assessing the Quality of Children's Foodstuff


Chairman Kim Jong Il said:

"Comrade Kim Jong Un holds dear and loves schoolchildren including children particularly. This is a manifestation of his ennobling view of the rising generation, as well as of his own inherent qualities."

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, who has inherited the noble outlook on the rising generations of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il, is giving paternal love and care to the children across the country.

One day in November Juche 104(2015) the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un visited Pyongyang Children's Foodstuff Factory and dropped in at the sample room of goods. In that room, there were samples of children's food from the newly built modern production process. The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, who was looking at various kinds of children's foodstuff made in the factory, said to one of the accompanying officials as follows: Diversification of goods should be realized. Now that the production process has been modernized and the system of analyzing products has been set up at the factory, which means the nutritional and hygienic requirements of the products can be met, it is important to set a new goal to make them tasty to compete with other countries. Like this, he set forward a direction of advance.

Here, taste means in other words quality. "Then, which country should be selected to compete with?", thought the officials in spite of themselves. What could be the criterion to set the goal? Today, what matters in the competition between businesses worldwide is not price, but quality. Therefore, there are various national and international quality certification systems that evaluate the quality of products produced by enterprises. As for foodstuff in particular, clear nutritional and hygienic standards have been established, and therefore, businesses are competing to get the certification from a certain international quality certification organization along with the development of new products.

However, the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un clarified that children's foodstuff must be evaluated by the children themselves, not such an organization. He read the thoughts of the officials and explained more. Children are sensitive to food and not to be deceived. Even newborn babies, who cannot speak, can taste food. If they prefer milk powder from another country rather than that from this factory, it means that the homemade product is not tasty. Overall, its quality is decided by whether they prefer it or not Children's taste is the criterion for evaluating their foodstuff! What a clear-cut criterion!

Of course, many businesses worldwide producing children's foodstuff are waging a fierce competition in their own way to develop products that are supposed to be good for child growth. But the truth behind this struggle is that it is geared towards profits. Accordingly, when they improve the quality of products and get the quality certification, what they aim at is none other than more money.

As a matter of fact, this factory had already drawn level with foreign businesses in raising the quality of foodstuff. For example, as for the composition of nutrients such as nutritive fortifiers, bioactive substances and vitamins, that are good for child growth. Under this condition, they had set foreign foodstuff as the standard to be based on and were troubling for its realization. The most ideal food for a newborn is his mother's milk and she knows his eating habits the best. However, even mothers did not think that we should evaluate the quality of children's foodstuff based on their taste.

Only the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, who loves the children most, could define such a criterion!

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