The Roots that Support the Fatherland


Chairman Kim Jong Il said:

"Let's become the roots of the country-this is the view of life our officials, Party members and other working people should cherish today."

If a tree is to be florescent and green, it has to have deep and robust roots. If the country is to be ever-prosperous, the roots which support the country have to be robust and deep-rooted.

Chairman Kim Jong Il lived his entire life as the strong root that supports the country and walked the forced march for the country and people without day and night.

One day in February Juche 98(2009), he visited the artillery drill field of the Korean People's Army Artillery.

On this day, the officials who heard the majestic gun firing that startled heaven and earth, got very excited and made resolutions to be the leaves of green tree of today's historic campaign.

The great General, who listened their resolutions carefully taught them: the meaning of root is bigger than the meaning of leaf and our officials should become roots that support the country and revolution like the roots of a tree.

The great General said that if the revolution is a tree, the revolutionaries are the roots. He continued that if the tree is to grow without faltering in any of the storms, the revolutionaries, who are the roots, should be loyal and impeccable. He concluded with warm voice that he was going to be the robust root of our revolution together with comrades.

Let's become the robust roots of revolution!

Our great General wished our country to become a strong and thriving nation and he cherished the noble view of life to become the root, if the revolution is a large tree.

Indeed, as he maintained this lofty and unwavering outlook on life, our great General continued his life for the prosperity of the country and happiness of the people singing the song of he would continue his way with hope even no one comprehends him.

This burning desire of devotion, his noble and great sincerity of dedicating everything is his pleasure and happiness, opened the grand avenue of building a powerful socialist state overcoming obstacles and difficulties.

Our great General, who lived his entire life as the root for the country's prosperous future and the forever happiness of our people, is a peerless patriot, great father and the greatest man of the greats.