Paying Close Attention to the Development of the IT industry


Entering the new century, the IT industry started to make its appearance.

The great leader Comrade Kim Jong Il recognized the importance and significance of this as required by the new era in all sectors of the national economy and rapidly developed the IT industry of the country, implementing the IT basis on all sectors.

The great leader Comrade Kim Jong Il said:

"We should rapidly develop IT and put the national economy on an IT basis."

During the entire period of his revolutionary leadership, the great leader Comrade Kim Jong Il devoted his all in making a program of our own style, strengthening the base for bringing up more geniuses and developing the IT industry.

On December 16, Juche 97 (2008), he visited an institute in Jagang Province despite the freezing weather.

Upon reaching the institute, he said the building looked very neat and tidy and was wonderfully built, continuing his way to the hall to look at the introduction plates of the programs displayed.

The great General praised the researchers, saying that programs such as the management system for the Kanggye Chicken Farm, Myongdang 1.0, were good integrated business systems which allow factory management to be carried out quick and accurate, and the video conference system, Malligyong, would enable online video meetings.

These programs were, in fact, researched and developed according to the Chairman's indications made earlier.

The great General said on several occasions that programs should be developed actively, adding that more programs necessary in the development of the IT industry should be developed and that the keystone in developing a program is making a program of our own style.

Researchers of the institute went to factories and enterprises in the province with persistent efforts and developed valuable programs which help put management on a scientific and rational basis, true to the intentions of the great General.

As the Chairman entered the development room of the institute where scores of computers were aligned, he said with pleasure to the officials that it felt like the base for producing geniuses was made only yesterday but now they have grown up to be pillars in the IT industry, knowing that the person in charge of this room was one of them who graduated from Pyongyang Middle School No. 1 and Kim Il Sung University and is now the head of this department.

And when he learned that the researcher who developed the management system for Kanggye Chicken Farm graduated from Kumsong School and the University of Sciences, he expressed utmost satisfaction and said that today's reality, where the younger generation are becoming pillars in the IT industry, clearly shows the validity and vitality of the measures taken by the Party in training more computer geniuses.

The Chairman's wise leadership in developing the country's IT industry had already been carried out full-scale ever since he began training talents in this field.

He gave instructions to train computer geniuses starting from secondary schools several years ago and saw to it that training bases were built at various units including Kumsong School

to ensure the inheritance of computer genius training and develop computer technology as soon as possible.

Under the special care of the great General who provided the latest computers and other valuable equipment to the students while looking after their education and living conditions, a vast number of talents to shoulder the IT industry of the country were brought up.

It was also due to his instructions that the institute was built in Jagang Province, far from the capital, to specialize in program developing.

On May 12, Juche 88 (1999), the great General gave instructions that program developing should be conducted, not on a limited scale, but on a nationwide scale in order to rapidly develop information technology in the country.

His wise instructions indicated the way to develop the country's IT industry in our own way in the shortest time possible by creating and using programs suited to the actual conditions in each province, city and county as well as any particular unit.

The early days of the institute in Jagang Province began when

The great leader Comrade Kim Jong Il set up several equipment at a building of a university. Later, he familiarized himself with the work of the institute and adopted measures to render aid to IT industrial establishments in the country.

On the same day, he looked round the institute and laid down an assignment to build an institute like this one in North Phyongan Province.

This showed his deep intention to bring about a great upsurge in the development of the IT industry across the country with Jagang Province as the model.

In order to realize this far-reaching plan, the great General indicated the orientation to develop the program on a nationwide scale beforehand and built training bases for computer geniuses so that they will grow up to be competent talents capable of undertaking this project by dispatching them to each province. And today, he built the institute in Jagang Province for this purpose.

That day, he stressed the need to develop the program industry and gave detailed instructions, with expert-level insight in the field of computers and programming, regarding the object and work methods of the institute such as training reserves, the age of developers, the storage capacity of servers and the supply of development tools.

He said that in order to develop IT, priority should be given to scientific research and more scientists and technicians in the field of IT industry must be trained while increasing their technical skills as soon as possible.

Even today, the scientists and technicians of the institute are devoting their wisdom and passion to the development of the IT industry, bearing in mind the noble intention and firm trust of the great General.