Outlook on the life taught by the great General


Whenever we think of the mightiness of our country shining all over the world, we ruminate over, once again, the roots supporting our country, the strong roots of the revolution.

The firm roots of the country and the revolution can never be thought of without the patriotic devotion of Chairman Kim Jong Il.

Once the officials asked Chairman Kim Jong Il, who was on the road of the forced march day and night, to relax even a day.

Then, Chairman Kim Jong Il said that, in order to build a paradise, in which laughter could be heard from bright windows of each family and a happy smile could be seen on everybody's face, he was willing to go on with his field guidance next day, too, adding that his happiness lay in taking a rough road for the country and the people.

Chairman Kim Jong Il said:

"Let us become roots supporting the country-this is the outlook on life our officials, Party members and other working people should acquire today."

Big trees have deep roots.

The root persistently goes deeper and deeper into the earth to help the young tree grow up into a giant of thick leaves, firm branches and rich fruits.

If you, the motherland were a standing tree,

Would be leaf of the tree this body of mine

Even though I should fall amid chilly wind

I will cover your root with my body

This is the part of the song which reflects the mindset of young people to defend the precious motherland who gave birth and happiness to them.

Strong roots will not be shaken by any wild wind, but will hold to the tree.

It is the patriotic devotion of the peerlessly great men that makes us all grow like a tree of green leaves and fruit.

Chairman Kim Jong Il once gave earnest instructions to our officials that they should become a root for the revolution.

One day in February Juche 98(2009) when the KPA artillerymen displayed an exciting gunfire, the excited officials expressed to Chairman Kim Jong Il their resolutions to become the leaves of the big tree in the ongoing historical struggle.

The Chairman carefully listened to them and said that the meaning of the roots is greater than the meaning of the leaves, adding that the officials should become the roots to support the country and revolution like the root of a tree.

His teaching, reflecting the demands of the times with profound philosophy and principle, touched the very heart of them.

He went on to say that if the revolution were a big tree, the roots would be the revolutionaries, so in order to win victory after victory, not shaken by any storm, the revolutionaries should be sound and loyal to the revolution, adding that he would like to become the strong root for our revolution himself.

Let's become the strong roots for the revolution!

Indeed, the strong national power of our fatherland that rose on the hill of bloody tears is rooted in the undying feats of the peerlessly great men, and the happy life of the people in this land is rooted in the warm love and devotion of the great father.

The great Chairman, who lived a life of a root for the prosperous future of the country and the eternal happiness of the people, has performed great exploits for the nation to be highly praised for all ages, burning his heart with enthusiasm and emotion all his life.

As a big tree can't be thought of without its strong roots, so the dignified power would not be thought of apart from the solid supporting foundation.

The revolutionary outlook on the life of the great Chairman, who devoted his whole life to the prosperity of the country, awakes us to our duty of professional revolutionaries who bring up the rising generation to be the strong roots of the country.