Sincere Confession Made by a Foreign Party Leader


Chairman Kim Jong Il said:

"Foreigners who meet him, be they statesmen or scholars, are unstinting in their praise of his outstanding wisdom and extensive knowledge."

President Kim Il Sung was an outstanding man who had all the personalities and qualifications that a great man is expected to possess at the noblest level.

That is why many people of the world who met President Kim Il Sung admired his extraordinary insight, wide-ranging vision and profound and extensive knowledge.

As in the past, the sincere confession made by a Party leader of a country for the President is deeply impressing many people.

In the mid-1970s, President Kim Il Sung visited a country in Eastern Europe.

Guided by the leader of the Communist Party of the country, the President looked round the wheat field of the farm which was said to be the best at wheat farming in the country.

Looking at the wheat field waving in a warm breeze, the President said that the crop was good and the seeds were sown well. The Party leader of that country looked up to him, who saw the farm fields and judged the crop situation and sowing at once, with astonishment and admiration. Then, his surprise and admiration got even greater.

The President asked how much seed was sown per hectare.

The officials accompanying the Party leader looked embarrassed and stiff. They had met many foreign Party and state leaders but had never been asked how much seed was sown per hectare.

Only when they brought the chief engineer of the farm, could they answer the President.

The President took off the ears of wheat and peeled them off, asking him again how much nitrogenous fertilizer and phosphatic fertilizer were applied per hectare.

The chief engineer explained the figures.

He bent over the soil and personally felt it, saying that the soil was very good, adding that 80 kg of nitrogen fertilizer applied per hectare in terms of nutrients content to be ripe enough meant that the soil was very good.

Indeed he had a profound knowledge of farming.

The faces of the officials of the country were filled with astonishment and admiration. The Party leader told the President that they could not do farming with ease because of the abnormal weather.

Noting that the area of ice shelves in the Arctic has increased by 12 percent, he said in detail that, in our country, humus-potted maize seedlings and cold-bed rice seedlings were planted in order to prevent the abnormal weather conditions, the principle of the right crop in the right season and the right crop in the right soil was observed and the cold-wetland was improved so as to ensure safe harvest.

The Party leader, who was deeply moved, asked Kim Il Sung when he had learned the farming method so well while engaged in state affairs and said that he looked like a real peasant, adding that he was surprised that the President was well versed in farming.

President Kim Il Sung thanked him for calling him a real peasant with a smile. He said that when he went to iron works, he should be a smelter, when he went to sea, a fisherman and when he went to the countryside, he should be a real peasant, then he would be able to carry out the affairs of the country properly.

He stressed that only then would the people follow the Party wholeheartedly.

Very impressed by his people-oriented politics, the Party leader invited him to his house that evening and earnestly confessed his feelings, saying with excitement that what he was most envious of in DPRK is the unity and cohesion of the leader and the masses, and that he keenly realized once again the secret of why the Korean people held him in high esteem and followed him.

Saying that the President was knowledgeable about farming because he worked heart and soul for the people, and he was a gifted and knowledgeable leader of the people whom no one in the world could follow, he frankly expressed his admiration that there was no such a great man as Kim Il Sung in the world.

Indeed, the President is a peerless hero and genius that humankind greeted for the first time.

That is why not only that Party leader but also many foreign figures highly praise him as the greatest man that ever lived.

Since then, the story about the personality of the President as a great man on the farm in the country has been widely spread, touching the heartstrings of many people.

The story left by President Kim Il Sung on his foreign tour will go down forever as a revolutionary legend of the noble personality and virtue of the peerlessly great man.