Forced march of blizzards


There is a heart-warming story made on a forced march through blizzards in mid-winter by Chairman Kim Jong Il who has devoted his whole life to defend the destiny of the country and nation and the happiness of the people.

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un said:

"He continued his forced march of field guidance without resting for a moment for the sake of the prosperity of the country and the well-being of the people, in the course of which he kindled the flames of a new great revolutionary upsurge across the country."

After the great national loss, the imperialists' maneuvers to isolate and stifle the DPRK reached a peak and the Chairman went on an endless forced marches of blizzards and on-the-spot guidance.

To put an end to the Arduous March with victory, the Chairman proposed a militant slogan, "Forward in a forced march for final victory!", and he himself went on a forced march of blizzards, taking the lead.

First of all, the Chairman put forward a militant slogan that Korean people should hold up high.

On the New Year's day of Juche 87(1998), the Chairman instructed on one of his work "On Vigorously Waging a Forced March for Final Victory" that we should hold up high the slogan "Forward in a forced march for final victory!" as the word final victory gives conviction and courage to our people whereas it is a source of apprehension and horror for the enemy and the word forced march represents our people's character and will.

This slogan was indeed a revolutionary slogan which encouraged our people to vigorously struggle for the final victory with the conviction that he who laughs in the end is the true winner.

At the time, this slogan was a summary of the Arduous March and a new banner of advance at the same time, that is how to sum up the Arduous March and what kind of banner to hold up next was a matter of everyone's interest.

At such an important time, the Chairman gave a perfect answer to this problem by setting a new militant slogan using catchy phrases such as the ultimate victory and the forced march.

The slogan "Forward in a forced march for final victory!" made it clear that based on the victory from the severe Arduous March, we were going to advance towards a higher novel goal.

As you can see, the Chairman provided a militant banner with which we could complete the Arduous March with victory by putting forward the slogan "Forward in a forced march for final victory!"

Next, the Chairman took the lead in the mid-winter forced march of blizzards with his noble practical model.

On the New Year's Day of Juche 86(1997), the Chairman visited the Mangyongdae Revolutionary School making his way through the blizzards and he field-guided over 20 units in Jagang? Province in January, Juche 86(1997), the Mt. Paektu Revolutionary Battle Site in March, Juche 89(2000), and the Lake Samji Area in March, Juche 95(2006).

The Chairman made a forced march of blizzards to transform the Arduous March into a march of paradise by setting the Jagang Province as a role model.

The total distance the Chairman travelled while guiding the self-constructed small and medium sized power stations of Jagang Province despite the severe cold with the temperature around minus 30 degrees in January, Juche 87(1998) reaches over 2 400km. Especially, the on-the-spot guidance he gave on the two days, 16th and 17th, was indeed a forced march of blizzards and of life-and-death.

The Chairman told the accompanying officials that from the outset of his journey, he had made a firm determination that he would too go on a forced march together with the people because only when he took the lead, would the entire population follow up.

The Chairman guided various types of power stations and many factories and enterprises built in the Province without a moment of rest.

The looks of the Chairman who raced the car across the river of ice without any hesitation telling those who were falling behind that he who cannot follow up don't have any place in the ranks of the forced march exactly resembled the looks of the great man with few parallels in history, President Kim Il Sung, who led the ranks of partisans through the blizzards of the Arduous March in the period of severe difficulties with the Korean revolution at risk in the second half of 1930s.

During the forced march of blizzards across Jagang Province, the Chairman named the revolutionary spirit of the people in the province as the spirit of Kanggye and let the whole country learn after the model of the province.

Following the forced march of blizzards across Jagang Province, the Chairman headed for the bottom of Mt. Paektu, not for Pyongyang.

The Chairman told the officials that present forced march was very difficult, so they should all go to Mt.Paektu to solidify the temperament and the revolutionary spirit of the mountain by experiencing the bitter cold and fierce blizzards of it, in order to build up the courage and strengthen the will so that they could confidently rush the forced march.

Therefore, it was continuity of forced march of blizzards from Jagang Province to Ryanggang Province.

Fairly tired from a long time of travel by train, officials thought the Chairman would have a rest there.

However, the Chairman told all to go to Lake Samji during that night and took the lead in the ranks of the forced march and went through the wavy sea of forests despite the severe cold and the blizzards blown down from the summit of Mt. Paektu.

The officials fully realized why the Chairman let them experience for themselves the blizzards of Mt. Paektu in the coldest season, making their determination firmer to follow the Chairman to the end in the forced march for the ultimate victory with strengthened courage and will.

This is just a small part of the forced march of blizzards the Chairman has pursued throughout his whole life.

As you can see, Chairman's forced march of blizzards risking life has protected the destiny of our people and we have advanced closer to the future of the socialist power.

Following the trails of the forced march of blizzards by the Chairman, the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un has made a horse march to Mt. Paektu and has been leading our people wisely so that they make a breakthrough by a frontal offensive overcoming the confronted difficulties and obstacles with the revolutionary spirit of Mt. Paektu and the spirit of blizzards.

We should do our best to keep up with the pace of the respected General Secretary's horse march to Mt. Paektu and build up a socialist power on this land, of which the Chairman greatly desired.