Dam built with behests of leaders


The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un said:

"It is my firm will to carry out the instructions of the great General Kim Jong Il unconditionally without any deviation and without any concession."

On July 12th, Juche107(2018), the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un visited the construction site of Phalhyang dam of Orangchon power plants.

After looking around the folds of mountain tops and Phalhyang dam placed between them, the respected General Secretary went to themaster plan.

President set the location of Orangchon power plants and illumined the way to fulfill the construction and Chairman visited 4 times.

Orangchon power plantsare the hydroelectric power plants designed to produce electricity by building power plants No. 3 and 4 that are built by constructing dams on upstream of Orangchon, and No 1, 2 and 5 that are built by constructing Phalhyang dam to use the fall of water on downstream of Orangchon.

In fact, in North Hamgyong Province, it is critical to complete the construction of power plants forlocally-run factories and illumination for inhabitants.

After the respected General Secretary said that he felt broken-heartedwhenever he thought of our Chairman who had come as far as here in order to solve the lack ofenergy problem, he earnestly said that we had to fully implement behests of ourgreat leaders by completing the construction at any costs.

The Respected General Secretary said that we had to implement behests of our great leaders and solve the electricity problem which was very vital for economy in North Hamgyong Province and improvement of people's livelihood by expediting the construction of Orangchon power plants with the spirit that broke the convention of building power plant and performed a heroic miracle under Mt. Paektu, gave instructions that all departments which were responsible for delivering equipment and materials for construction had to produce and carry more goods.

The Respected General Secretary climbed up the observatory situated on the precipitous place in sultry weather and said that Phalhyang dam would be built magnificently as a monument of the ages and fortification that guards the Party Central Committee, showing inexhaustible creative power of working classes and people in North Hamgyong Province who are willing to carry thorough the Party's policy.

It was a profound meaning that officials should vigorously conduct frontline-style political work to give fullest play to the spiritual strength of the masses, bearing in mind that miracles do not occur spontaneously, and that the source of energy performing the miracles are the spiritual strength of the masses.

Indeed, the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un's field guidance to the construction site of the Orangchon Power Station made it clear that the vitality of the Party's policies should be ensured by the cheers for the Workers' Party and socialism from the hearts of the people by regarding the behests of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il as the main line and lifeline of the Party work.

After his on-the-spot guidance, North Hamgyong Province launched a dynamic drive to implement the behests of the leader and the Party's policies, thus completing the construction of the Palhyang Dam in a little over a year.

The Palhyang Dam, which was built as aneverlastingprecious edificethanks to the peerlessly great man's rare care, boundless love and trust, clearly proves that a new age of a powerful socialist country will begin on this land thanks to the respected General Secretary who is transformingthe noble intention and behests of the great leaders into a brilliant reality.