"Our Construction", the First Documentary Film of Liberated Korea


"Our Construction", the first documentary film of liberated Korea, is one of many documentary films that shows proud reality of the Republic and the struggle of our people advancing vigorously under the wise leadership of the Workers' Party of Korea.

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un said:

"Kim Il Sung was the most outstanding leader of the 20th century and a peerlessly great man."

After liberation, thanks to the deep concerns and scrupulous guidance of President Kim Il Sung, the first documentary film of Korea was born from scratch.

In early February Juche 35(1946), he summoned an official to give a task to make a documentary film, familiarizing himself with the actual conditions of shooting facilities.

In those days, the Propaganda Department of the Central Organization Committee of the Communist Party of north Korea had a filming group, which included only a few directors and photographers.

All they had was an old hand-operated out-of-date camera, which meant it would be a challenging work to make a documentary film.

However, President stiffened his resolution to make the first documentary film in any adversity. Although they lacked personnel and facilities necessary, he encouraged them to carry out the task of making a Korean documentary film with their own strength whatever it might cost.

He said that out Party called upon the entire Korean people to contribute to the building of a democratic independent country with whatever they might have, and necessary machines and equipment for a documentary film would surely be available when the Party's call was responded.

Creators and photographers, greatly encouraged by President, got down to making a documentary film although they had only one camera.

They recorded historical bits such as the celebration of the 27th anniversary of the March 1 Popular Uprising, the farmers who were distributed their own land thanks to benevolence of President and workers who turned out in the building of a new country with joy of liberation.

Afterwards, President sent them valuable shooting facilities, with which they pictured several national events as well as our people's struggle to build a new country.

During that period, President took scrupulous care of all the creators and photographers.

He saw to it that their family members could be escorted from south Korea. He also invited them to a state banquet and highly appreciated their efforts to make a documentary. The creators and photographers were greatly impressed, and devoted themselves to carrying out the task.

At last, in late July Juche 35(1946), there was a demonstration of the first documentary film.

President saw the documentary film to the end and highly appreciated it, saying that only five or six photographers managed to make a documentary within only a few months which was a good combination of ideological and artistic value.

President, who had initiated making a documentary and took necessary measures step by step, attributed all the honors to them.

That day he gave valuable instructions on the showing of the documentary film and titled it "Our Construction", saying that the main point of that film was the fact that our Korean people were waging a vigorous struggle to build a new country full of confidence and hope in their heart.

In spite of such an insufficient and unfavorable condition, they succeeded in creating the first documentary film, "Our Construction" at last.

Indeed under the wise and energetic leadership of President, our all documentary films had been fulfilled their mission perfectly throughout every phase of the revolution.