Kim Il Sung University Sudents Aain Won the Prize in International Internet Codechef Long Challenge Contest


The Kim Il Sung University students again won the prize in International Internet Codechef Long Challenge Contest, which took place from February 2nd to 12, and thus flying high the national flag of our Republic on the internet on the occasion of the Day of Shining Star, the birth anniversary of the great Leader Kim Jong Il.

Present there were over 8 850 university students from over 100 countries including DPR of Korea, Germany, India, the UK, Greece, the US and Japan, etc.

The contest was so competitive from the begining, as the students of China, the UK and Germany, who were strong competitors in the past, participated in it.

Ri Mong Hyok, Ri Tae Chol and Kim Song Bok of Mathematics Faculty of our university, who had won in January contest, took part in this contest.

With firm conviction in victory and determination of flying high the national flag of our Republic in the sky of auspicious February, they presented in continuity the excellent idea of solving the problems by using data structure and algorithm, geometry, graph theory, FFT and number theory, etc. in the contest. So by the final day, February 2 of the contest, they got 1 000 points and took the first place, thus glorifying the dignity of Juche Korea and gaining reputation of Kim Il Sung University from all over the world.