Research Group of Faculty of Mathematics Contributes to Fulfilling Production Quota in Hwanghae Ironworks Complex


The Information Mathematics Research Institute of the Faculty of Mathematics at Kim Il Sung University dispatched its researchers to Hwanghae Ironworks Complex in January 2021 and let them take over the project of measuring the slag level in the oxygen blast furnace.

Measuring the slag level scientifically was essential to safe operation of the furnace and increasing productivity and also to putting the operation on a scientific footing.

The researchers made a sensory device to measure the state of the furnace in close cooperation with the technician and workers of the complex and conducted meticulous researches into analyzing the relevant signals and measuring the slag level for nearly 1 year, in which they encountered many difficulties and repeated failures. But they never yielded.

They made a device of our own style to correctly measure the vibration of the furnace and continued their research into solving the technical problems concerning installation and use of the device.

In the end, a breakthrough was made by creating a program to scientifically analyze and measure the state of slag, which led to the success in their research.

However, the researchers continued their work to ensure perfect accuracy in measurement by building a system comprising sensory, communications and measuring devices.

Their success provided a scientific and technical guarantee for the increased production of the working class in the complex desirous of leading the general offensive for accomplishing the tasks for the first year of the five-year plan.

In the historic 3rd plenary meeting of the 8th Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea, the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un highly praised the work of the research group, saying that the Hwanghae Ironworks Complex could fulfil its pig iron production quota for the first quarter of 2021 because the researchers of Kim Il Sung University introduced the technology of measuring the slag level of the oxygen blast furnace in close cooperation with the technicians of the complex.

The research group took upon themselves whatever difficult task it might be, if it is desired by our Party, and accomplished it at any cost.

Their success vividly demonstrates that it is the duty of our scientists and technicians to take on urgent scientific and technical problems whose solutions are desired by our Party and demanded by the reality and solve them by our own efforts and technology, and that therein lie the worth and value of our scientists and technicians.