An international symposium will be held at Kim Il Sung University on "The Development of Science and Human Welfare"


At Kim Il Sung University an international symposium will be held on "The Development of Science and Human Welfare" between September 26th and 27th in 2018.

This symposium will serve as a meaningful gathering of the experts in International Politics, Linguistics, Economics, History, Medicine and Life science, Protection of Ecology and Agriculture, providing an opportunity for active international exchanges and cooperation.

The symposium will be divided into following sections;

Section1. Social Sciences (international politics, economics, history, literature (Korean, foreign language))

(Subject: Social Progress and the Role of Social Sciences)

Section2. Medicine and Life science

(Subject: Human welfare and Development of Medicine and Life science)

Section3. Forest Science and Protection of Ecosystem

(Subject: Protection of Ecosystem and Development of Environment and Forest Science)

Section4. Agriculture

(Subject: Sustainable Development of Agriculture for Self-sufficiency in Food)

The notice of participation should be submitted by August 1st and the manuscript for presentation should be ready in English or in your own language and sent in file by August 20th.

Each presentation should be in 15 minutes and the language to be used will be Korean and English.

All the expenses for boarding and lodging of those invited to this symposium will be borne by our University and we shall be obliged if your journey is at your own expense.

After the symposium some tours will be arranged if it is wished at your own expense.

If you need more information about the symposium, you can contact the following address.

Address for contact:

Foreign Affairs Department, Kim Il Sung University, DPR of Korea