The respected Supreme Leader Comrade Kim Jong Un sent grateful birthday table to Kim Su Gon, a lecturer in the faculty of physics, a merited scientist, a candidate academician, a professor, a doctor


Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, despite busy schedules of energetically leading the socialist construction and carrying out the tireless revolutionary leadership, sent grateful 80th birthday table to Kim Su Gon, a lecturer at superhigh-pressure physics office of condensed state physics institute in the faculty of physics; a merited scientist, a candidate academician, a professor and a doctor.

Kim Su Gon was born in the dark era of Japanese colonial rule on August 2nd, 1939 at Juk Jon Ri, Pyongyang District, South Phyongan Province (former place name), grew up bearing in the mind the sorrow of person without a country.

He could lead the true life as a human under the warm care of President Kim Il Sung after the liberation of Korea and realized our system is truly the people's one that exists to serve for the people by seeing the thrilling reality of building the new country.

Kim Su Gon, a lecturer in the faculty of physics, a merited scientist, a candidate academician, a professor, a doctor

He worked as a teacher at a secondary school after graduating the junior and secondary senior schools under the tender care of the Party. In September, 1960 he entered the faculty of physics at Kim Il Sung University, the highest institute of Juche science and education and he was able to learn to his heart content.

After his graduation in May, 1965, he became a teacher to dedicate himself in the education of the rising generation and up to now of 54 years' period, working as a teacher in the Faculty of Physics, a researcher, a head of office, a department chief and again a teacher, he has done lots of work for the education of the country and development of the science research.

Kim Su Gon, with clear and devotional educator conscience, opened up 11 new subjects like "Superhigh-pressure Physics", "Nano-diamond" and made an active contribution to education by utilizing, synthesizing and modernizing the subjects in charge.

Not only he made great contribution in drawing up the curriculum of condensed state physics and superhigh-pressure physics for major course classes, but also opened up 5 graduates subjects including "Synthesis of New Material by Superhigh-pressure"; contributed in the education of rising generation and scientific research by writing 29 categories of textbooks and reference books like "Superhigh-pressure Physics" and "Metal Electronics"; through this process trained 4 professors and 19 masters, thus performed many exploits in the development of physics.

Holding high scientific and theoretical qualifications, he actively participated in the writing of books carrying the value of national treasure including "Physics Motion Theory", "Korean Encyclopedia", "Kwangmyong Encyclopedia", brought pleasure several times to Chairman Kim Jong Il and the respected Supreme Leader and received their appreciations.

He achieved outstanding scientific research results which contributed to the country's development in the superhigh-pressure physics, and made great contributions in realizing Juche-orientation, modernization, scientification and information of the national economy.

He involved in the "February 17th Scientist, Technician Shock Brigade" which was sent to Ku Song Machine Tool Factory, newly developed and introduced cube boron nitride tool with high tenacity; introduced research results in various sectors of national economy like Un San Tool Factory; accomplished tens of scientific research assignments worthy to the country, thus brought pleasure several times to Chairman Kim Jong Il.

Kim Su Gon, despite being old, holding higher the words of respected supreme leader's words to modernize Pyongyang Trolley Bus Factory, went to the factory, developed and introduced the technology of averagely doubling the life span of cutting tool thus greatly satisfied the respected marshal when he visited the factory on January 31, 2018.

He also had won the first place at the 25th National Science and Technology Festival; participated in the national festival, exhibition and scientific symposium 90 times and received great appreciations; during these times received a dozen of certificates of inscription of scientific and technological achievement, certificates of introduction and patents.

He lived such an honorable life as a merited scientist, a candidate academician, a professor, a doctor and an influential teacher scientist thanks to the tender care, deep and abiding love and trust of the great leaders and the Supreme Leader.

Chairman Kim Jong Il treasured the slight scientific research achievements he made and awarded him a watch on which the honored name of President Kim Il Sung is written, the honor of merited scientist and high degree of official commendation like the Order of National Flag 1st Degree; invited him to the major national meetings like the Korean Intellectuals Meeting; and took commemorative photos with him several times.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, just as the same as the great leaders, wished him to stay younger and achieve more successes in the education and scientific research, let him live in the modern apartment for teachers; and on the inauguration day personally came to the apartment and took an honorable commemorative photo with him, which will pass down from generation to generation.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, despite the busy schedules of the revolutionary leadership, sent grateful 80th birthday table to Kim Su Gon; this is a valuable assessment on his life in which he firmly supported the great leaders and the Party and indicates expectations and trust; that in the future, with good health, put more efforts in the construction of socialist power and the development of education and science.

Kim Su Gon, his family and the participants gave grateful thanks to Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un who glorifies the most the life of the revolutionary comrade with the love and trust given by the great leaders; and made resolute decisions to prove themselves worthy to the Supreme Leader generation after generation.